Zillow faces a lawsuit over allegedly undervalued home

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Zillow’s housing price estimate tool is facing its first legal challenge.

An Illinois homeowner filed a litigation against the online real estate database the coming week, claiming the company’s “Zestimates” feature lowballed the value of her house.

Since Zillow plainly can’t take a tour of every house in the two countries, “Zestimates” are based on taxation data and other public records the hell is fed into the company’s proprietary algorithm. That means they don’t directly account for factors such as remodels and private individuals virtues of each home.

Zillow stirs this clear in a disclaimer in which it mentions calculates are not meant to be taken as formal “appraisals.”

It’s also possible for anyone to “claim” their residence on the site and update information manually.

Nevertheless, the tool often irks homeowners who seem their properties aren’t being fairly assessed.

Cofounder Rich Barton admitted to GeekWire that the aspect is very provoking and personal and a little voyeuristic.

One of those dissatisfied homeowners is plaintiff Barbara Andersen, who also happens to be a real estate lawyer.

Andersen contests that because Zillow’s estimations are based on market value and promoted to potential buyers as a resource in assessing a property, they meet the legal explanation of an evaluation under nation statute. Zillow is therefore an unlicensed appraiser, the lawsuit argues.

But Zillow’s solicitors point to another part of the law which makes an exception for auto-generated estimations like Zillow’s and those of a handful of other sites.

The Zestimate of Anderson’s own house in a Chicago suburb has proven to be a major impediment in her effort to sell it, the dres says.

She is asking for $ 626,000 but Zillow values the home at $100,000 less. Andersen was of the view that assessment is wrong because it’s based on data regarding a less expensive part of town.

The suit is not seeking monetary impairments; Anderson only craves Zillow to fix or remove her index. It’s unclear whether Anderson has edited her home facts on Zillow, which can induce the estimate more precise, and if she has, if it’s had any effect.

A Zillow spokesperson claimed the suit is “without merit.”

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