Young girl’s face to face encounter with a bear, and guess what the bear did ?


Close call with the bear but she lost her ….

A girl’s solo kayak trip from Ketchikan to Petersburg had her trip disrupted halfway at Wrangell District, Alaska.

This is an arduous 200km solo kayak trip which she took and you can imagine how adventurous she is, doing this trip all by herself in this chilly condition.

This incident happened recently in end Sept 2015.


Well, halfway through her trip, she stopped over at US Forest cabin in Berg Bay, Wrangell district, Alaska.

And then came the bear which came attacking her…

Luckily she came prepared and was able to fend the bear off  with a pepper spray, and keep herself safe.

But the bear had another idea….

Find out what the bear did…

Let me know what you think and what would you have done if you are in a similar situation ?

What effective methods would you use to scare the bear away?

I would love to hear from you.

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