You can now send money as an email attachment from Gmail on Android


Sending cash to your friends just got a whole lot easier.

Gmail is bringing the ability to send and receive cash as an email attachment to your Android phone using Google Wallet, the company announced on Tuesday. This feature is currently available on Gmail’s web variation, but also bringing it to mobile means you’ll have one less program on your phone no demand for Venmo anymore.

Earning money is as straightforward as adding an attachment to your email, and there are no fees. You are able to send cash to any consumer, meaning they don’t have to get a Gmail address.

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Recipients can receive money directly in the program, and choose to get the money via their debit card or bank accounts.

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Sure there are a great deal of payment apps out there currently think Square Cash, Venmo and PayPal however they are only good if your friends are available to with them. Gmail itself has over a billion users.

Moving forward, it is probably Google’s biggest competitor in this area may be Facebook Messenger’s payments attribute. Messenger has a platform that is sizable, comparable to that of Gmail, and it’s a head set on Google when it comes to payments.

The attribute is now U.S.-only, and should be available on your Gmail app soon.

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