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You are no longer allowed to wear anything on Halloween except this dancing hot dog costume

Image: Amazon

Do not worry if you still do not understand what you are going to be for Halloween. We have found just the thing.

Snap Inc. has launched a Dancing Hot Dog Costume    today through its online Amazon shop. The costume sells for $80 and can be available for two-day shipping — which makes it a wonderful alternative for anyone scrambling to discover a costume.

Image: Amazon

Finally, you may rest assured knowing that the awful cliché costumes you have been considering till this point — such as a Kylo Ren, a Minion, and Harley Quinn  costume — may finally be taken off your list. Nothing will be anywhere near as enjoyable as a freaking dancing dog, and anybody who’s not planning on wearing this to their Halloween party should get with the times.

Oh, and did we mention it is only $80? Do not worry about dumping your beer money on a Halloween costume — you can not place a price on a breeze using a living hot dog’s hilarity. It is going to be worth it.

The costume itself is an easy two-piece fit. It is technically a tunic, with sleeves and palms. The trousers match the hot dog filter’s identical red, and therefore are even attached to shoe covers that are redeven the most cynical of your party guests won’t suspect that you are not the real thing.  

We understand what you are wondering: Could I Snapchat while sporting Snapchat’s costume? Fear not. There are slits at the hand covers, which means you can turn out a crisis Story update at any stage.  

Oh yeah seemingly makes costumes now. That’s right, this sexy dog is the real deal — it is created by Snap itself.  

If you think your parties could use more Snapchat swag, but aren’t on the market to get a hot dog costume, have a look at the ice tray, back pack, beach towel, and playing cards that the manufacturer has floating around.  

But we think $80 is a small price to pay for this greatness. What exactly are you going to spend on your money? Actual dogs?  

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