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Why Salt Is Important To Survival

Add salt to your emergency kit if you haven’t already, as this mineral is an essential to human life. The body does not produce salt, but it needs it for survival. Salt is necessary for correct nerve transmission as well as sweat, blood, and digestive uses. Let’s take a quick look at why salt is something you definitely want in a survival situation.

Health Aid

One of the traditional uses for salt is as an aid for anyone sweating a whole lot. The body loses sodium via sweat and urination, which is why salt tablets are administered when a person is sweating like a racehorse. Its function as a sodium replacement has made it a popular military product.

Food Preservation

Salt has been used as a food preserver for thousands of years, particularly in the preservation of fish and meat. It draws moisture from bacteria present on food sources, which slows the oxidation process. Since bacteria are a type of microorganism that requires moisture to survive, salt is an effective preserver of meat. Fish and meat in a 20-percent salt solution do not require refrigeration!

Wound Treatment

Salt works as a highly -effective wound treatment when mixed with water. The resulting saline flushes bacteria from wounds while also inhibiting the growth of new bacteria. Mixing 10 grams of salt in one liter of water is recommended to create a fantastic wound solution. Mix the solution in a plastic baggie or water bottle for best results, as slight pressure is needed for effective wound flushing. Simply puncture a hole in the baggie or bottle to clean said wound.

A mixture of salt and water also makes an effective treatment for sore throats and canker sores while also contributing to overall oral health.

Know of any other salt survival uses? Share them in the comments!

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