Why Is Urban Gardening Important?

Why is urban gardening important?

The word urban gardening itself tends to come up with an image that is more associated with hip hop culture. It’s simply an extension of gardening the “city” style. Well urban gardening is definitely a wonderful hobby but there are a few considerations that affect it such as lack of proper space for growing, cultural differences and of course the reasons its sought after.

Urban gardening definitely brings to mind some issues and concerns. In fact, most of us in these modern times are very busy and the last thing we want to do is spend hours tending our garden. We can go online to visit various websites dedicated to gardening. These sites offer plenty of ideas, tips and advice on how best to grow your own vegetables. They’re also a great source for inspiration and many times will have examples of what other gardens have done to really make it an eye-catching and beautiful garden.

With urban gardening we are getting back to the basics. Instead of using plastic, concrete, bricks and timber we are using natural, sustainable materials such as wood, clay and rocks. The importance of these natural resources can not be overstated, as they are all renewable and sustainable. Not only are they eco-friendly but by growing plants organically you are also doing your bit for the environment and for health benefits. One of the biggest health benefits is the increased immunity provided to us all by eating organic foods.

Urban gardening gives you the opportunity to grow a wide variety of fresh, healthy vegetables all year round. The climate allows this to occur which is why urban gardens tend to be small. It provides ample room for a gardener to grow all manner of things. You won’t be constrained by space like you would be if you lived in a small apartment or a house in the suburbs where space is at a premium. Space means limitations to what can be grown and what you can harvest.

There are many health benefits associated with urban farming. With modern farming techniques, the nutrients from the soil are being used and this helps to improve the overall health of the individuals who live in the home. By ensuring that every square meter of the garden is used you are providing healthy nutrients for the residents.

There is no shortage of space available in the city, so why is urban gardening important? Simply put, we all need space to grow bigger size plants. If the plants are limited to a certain space then it limits what can be produced. Many gardeners are constantly fighting to get their plants to be successful. The difference though between traditional gardening and urban gardening lies in the fact that the materials are used to cultivate the plants.

In urban gardening the containers used are manufactured to specific sizes and shapes. This helps to provide a greater level of control over the results and therefore more likely to be successful. A large number of companies produce these bins for commercial purposes. Why is urban gardening important to urban gardeners?

Urban gardeners use these designs specifically for cultivating small growing plants. They have a lot of flexibility when it comes to growing larger plants and they are also used for vegetables and herbs. It is not uncommon for urban gardeners to be producing vegetables using a single small planter. In fact there are people that only need a small plot to grow vegetables. These planters help to keep the garden simple and therefore the yield is higher.

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