Whole House Water Filter, Alkaline Ionized water or Tap water?

Onion test - whole house water filter

Whole house water filter – Which drinking water is suitable for your Family ?

Every person drinks water everyday and most of us do not truly care way too much in regards to the quality for the water, or at the least for myself. But if you think about it, the quality of water we drink over the long term will truly make a big difference to our wellness! You might not noticed it, but as you aged, everything that you eat and drink has a large influence to our quality of life even with the slightest change to the the quality of water. So it is important to use the right water filter system for your house, or we called it whole house water filter system.

Most of us knows that with the latest technology in water processing, we have been bombarded with many types of water that claims to have many health benefits. Now, to find what type of water that is best for you can be quite tricky. The internet is full of “the best of the best” or the best whole house water filter system, etc, and it can be very confusing.

Let’s start off with Tap water.
Tap water are generally water that comes from a piped distribution system and from a company or government body that have exclusive rights to supply to an area, municipal location, to a city location or even the whole country. This is usually used for drinking , washing, cooking, flushing of toilets, commercial or industrial uses.

Due to the increase in technology of processing of water, the quality of tap water is getting better and better, and it’s quite safe to drink straight from the tap, especially from developed countries which meets the drinking water quality standards. Here is a good guide as to which country has safe tap water, generally speaking, But to be safe, it best to check the quality of water from your local tap water supplier

There are many advantages of drinking tap water and especially from the environment perspective. Notwithstanding the fact that the tap water is safe to drink in the first place (provided it meets your local tap water supplier requirement!).
Drinking tap water will generally reduce the consumption of disposable plastic water bottles, which according to the Container Recycling Institute, 85% of disposable plastic water bottles ends up in thrash and it won’t biodegrade for another 1,000 years! Imagine the impurities in our earth it will generate, 10 generations from today, and what it will do to our eco-system? Terrible, to say the least! Just to give you an idea in terms of quantity, for example, in America, that is about 38 billion water bottles a year in thrash. Not a small amount!

So if you are in a country where the tap water are safe for consumption, you should drink it whenever possible. It is safer than you think. And we are doing our environment and future generations a big favor.

Distilled water.
In simple terms, distilled water is water without the impurities and minerals and it is sightly acidic. It’s just plain water without the good and bad stuffs and because of this, it has a tendency to absorb toxic materials easily. So in a way, drinking distilled can be a good thing because it takes away the toxin from your body and detoxify it. However, one should not drink it on a continuous basis as too much of it can also take away the good minerals from your body and will be detrimental to your health. Another use of distilled water are in equipments like in steam iron, car battery, etc so that there are no minerals build up which may cause problems in the operation of your equipment.

Mountain Spring water
Mountain Spring water or Spring water are water that comes from a specific source that are not contaminated by “modern world” and is as pure as it can gets, just like the water our ancestors drinks so many years ago. The water source are protected to prevent pollution and contamination. The quality of Mountain Spring water are generally better than most water as it also contains natural minerals in it.

Ionized Alkaline Water
These are very popular in homes where tap water is subjected to filtration and electrical plates to provide ionized alkaline water. These system provides easy to control parameters to provide the degree of alkalinity and even acidity of water as well. Very convenient for the modern homes.

Mineralized Filtered Water
Filtered water is starting to gain more awareness among the masses, where you subject water through a series of filtration to take away the impurities and later infused minerals that are beneficial for health. These systems do not require any electrical supply to operate on.

Now that you know briefly what are the various types of water, do you know which type of water you are drinking ? Or most importantly, which type of water is beneficial to you ?

Here is a test that I find it rather interesting, and I thought I shared it with you.

Now most information you find on the internet have many benefits for your health, and sometimes when you read too much, you will feel confused about which type of water is really good especially if you drink it for a long period of time.

Rather than just listening to what people say, why not do some simple test myself ? So that leads me to test the different type of water with a plant, an onion. An onion is a plant where it feeds on water and sunlight and temperature to grow. Assuming all other factors are equal, I wanted to see how does an onion grows when it is being fed with tap water, distilled water, far infra-red alkaline water, mineralized filtered tap water and ionized alkaline water which is derived from a ionized alkaline system.

I guess this is a simple test to test the water’s ability to support a plant.

Here is a video you can see, and let me know what you think about it.

The onion test has been done quite a number of times, and the result is quite consistent with the result shown on the video above.

After you have seen the video above, I believe that the best quality for our health and family are water that are Neutral in pH, not too alkaline and definitely not acidic. It is not advisable to drink too alkaline water for the long term as you can research in the internet and find out why.

Depending on the quality of your local tap water, the best choice would probably be mineralized filtered tap water. The filtering system will take out all the impurities and make it slightly alkaline and infused with the beneficial minerals that your body need. It would make alot of sense to have a whole house water filter to do just that.

I have done lots of tests on other plants and even on fishes and I will probably shared it on my future blog post.

I have done Chemical Analysis and Microbial Testing on the Mineralized Filtered water and Ionized Alkaline water, and if you are interested you can go here to read more about it. The result will shock you!

The above test is basically a personal test on my own, and it does not represent that the above video is conclusive! I just shared what I found out and if you have any opinion on the above test, please let me know in the comment box.

Till then, stay healthy !

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