White House: Trump Will Donate $1 Million to Harvey Relief

Washington (AP) — President Donald Trump is pledging $1 million in personal money to Harvey storm relief efforts.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made the statement at a briefing Thursday. She stated Trump is currently calling to help decide to.

But Trump could have a cue. Texts and emails blasted out into over 10 million supporters motivating folks to donate to Harvey efforts, this week. The messages provided connections to charities that were specific that were a number of: rescue operations, Salvation Army, United Way and the Red Cross.

Trump used a similar “reporters decide” gimmick at the start of his administration, that time with his presidential salary, that he’s falling to take. Then-press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters at a March briefing that Trump “has kindly asked you all decide where that goes.”

The White House declared that Trump had decided to present his first three months of salary to the Interior Department.

Trump was criticized for giving much less to charitable causes of his income compared to many different multi-billionaires. And he has not followed through on charity pledges.

In one high-profile example last year, he failed to provide a promised $1 million of his own money — and an additional $5 million he said he had increased — to veterans’ organizations until reporters asked questions months later about who’d received the charity.

Harvey’s flood waters killed at least 30 people and have damaged tens of thousands of homes across Texas. The storm is threatening the region near the Texas-Louisiana country line.

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