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What stopped this man from nearly becoming a school shooter.

Occasionally, a shared moment of profoundly private honesty will better than pointing hands.

He had been also a victim of bullying and miserable when Aaron Stark was a at the mid-1990s. Firearms were collected by him and fantasized about becoming a school shooter.

Compassion from the others helped him to turn his life around.

Stark recently shared his expertise in a effective brand new essay printed by Denver NBC affiliant 9News referred to as “I had been almost a school shooter” He read the piece at an act of honesty and personal courage on camera he expects could assist somebody else walk back from the verge.

I had been almost a school shooter

“I was almost a school shooter.”
Because the shooting never happened, America’s sad history of school shootings doesn’t include Denver’s North High School from the mid 1990s. This is an open letter, by Aaron Stark

Posted by NEWS CENTER Maine on Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Stark had been bullied for many years and was near lashing out

“I had been picked on and bullied. For being fat. For being smart. For not playing sports,” Stark writes of the time in Denver’s North High School. “So I got angry, and I started concealing weapons around anywhere I hung out at often. I had concealed brass knuckles, whatever. I always kept one in arms”

Stark said that while mental health was a serious problem for him, he also thinks a “lack of love” severely influenced his worldview and thinks that might have been a factor for “this child” — meaning Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz — as well.

One thing kept him out of taking the best step.

Before he got the help he desperately wanted, he gives credit to one thing which kept him from turning into a school shooter. The now-defunct federal assault weapons ban, initially passed into law in 1994, meant that it was almost impossible for somebody like Stark to purchase the type of weapon widely utilized in mass shootings, including the Parkland school shooting.

Stark writes:

“I didn’t have access to an assault rifle. I had been a school shooter. Because I didn’t have access to 14, I am not a school shooter. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. But folks with guns kill a lot of people”

Strong laws and empathy saved his life and potentially countless others.

Stark is a husband and dad, these days. He says he sometimes struggles with depression but has access to treatments and the essential tools . Access to mental health treatments and A combination of gun laws helped him avoid a twist in his lifetime and eventually get better. He explains:

“I wrote this because my wife and daughter kept saying how they couldn’t understand what could make somebody do this. I could. This is a tough conversation to have, but we have to have it”


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