What is the Purpose of Urban Gardening?

What is the purpose of urban gardening? It seems a bizarre concept for those who have grown up in suburban gardens. However, if you think about it carefully, there are a number of benefits to growing your own vegetables in an urban setting. This can be a viable alternative for families with small gardens. You don’t need to have a large area of land or a lot of money to invest. You don’t have to live next door to a garden and you don’t have to deal with the insect-haunted suburbs.

Urban gardening has been around for years. There are many books on urban gardening, videos, and articles written about it. Basically, the idea is that city dwellers like living in small spaces, so they set up artificial gorges and balconies to grow their own vegetables. If you are urban gardening, you will have a plan in mind before you start.

What is the Purpose of Urban Gardening

The first thing you need to do is figure out what the purpose of your urban gardening will be. Do you want to provide a counter to the brown walls and concrete in the rest of your home? Or, do you want to make your garden appear more interesting? Maybe, you have an eye for color and would like to turn your garden into a colorful oasis.

Before you get started, you should determine what type of climate you have. Do you live in a cold area? Grow plants that can handle colder temperatures. Do you live in a hot area? Grow plants that can handle the heat. Different areas have different climates, so your garden will be very unique, but it’s worth thinking about your location and what plants will do best there.

Now that you have an idea of what type of environment your urban gardening will be, you can decide what sort of garden makeover you are going to try to do. You can draw out a diagram of your backyard, making it appear as though you have landscaped yourself, or you can simply use a tape measure to draw out what you have in mind. If you have the space, this is a great way to show it to everyone you know, and they can draw their own ideas from it. If you are not quite that comfortable with drawing or planning on paper, you can always just hire a garden designer. This will save you time and hassle.

Now that you have your garden makeover sketched out, you can start doing what you want to do. You can either hire someone to come in and do this for you, or, if you are artistic (and not too proud) you can create your own plan. In either case, you will want to start planning early. You need to have a plan of where you want things to go, and what you want them to look like. Even if you are not that good at designing or creating plans, a good landscape architect can still help. They will be able to give you some advice based upon their experience.

Once you have drawn out your garden and have a plan, you must be willing to put some work into the project. Gardening can sometimes be difficult to work and you may not want to spend all of your time on it. You may also want to hire someone to help you, since urban gardening can get very hands-on.

The last thing you need to know about what is the purpose of urban gardening is that you should be prepared to do whatever it takes to make your garden grow. You will be expected to water your plants, weed, harvest, and take care of any other problems that may arise. If you are the kind of person who really does not enjoy working in the dirt, you may want to hire someone else to do this for you. You must also be prepared to take the necessary steps to protect the garden from damage. Hire someone to put up netting so that no stray branches damage your garden.

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