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Waymo’s self-driving vans get a special emergency vehicle training day

Waymo'so working to create its self-driving system even more street ready.
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Self-driving cars might be on public roads soon so shouldn’t they’re ready to manage every possible factor of the driving experience?

That is what Waymo is attempting to educate its own autonomous driving system with its new emergency vehicle tests, coaching the AI to recognize the flashing lights and sirens that indicate all the human drivers on the road to pull over to the control.

Waymo shared several new facts about the training, completed within a collaboration with Chandler, Ariz.. Fire & Police Department at a blog article.

Sensing an emergency vehicle on the street isn’t completely new into the autonomous system Waymo’s been coaching its own method to do this since the company was still only the Google X self-driving vehicle project but that was the first dedicated test using the new improved sensor suite and fleet of Chrysler Pacifica minivans.

The testing revolved around information collection, as a few of Waymo’s trucks “observed” that the manners the firetrucks, ambulances, police cars, and motorcycles controlled the closed roadway from Arizona. The Waymo vans have been passed, directed, and trailed by the emergency vehicles, amassing crucial road data all time to develop a new library of emergency response protocols.

Waymo states its new sensors, which it famously began to create itself at the start of this year, expand its array of “hearing” by double its prior capabilities through audio detection sensors. The new cameras and LiDAR rig can grab visual signs from a larger range than previously too, which should improve the trucks’ response time.

The vans got valuable on street information alongside emergency vehicles.

Picture: waymo

The new arrangement also makes it possible for the organization’s engineers to train on the AI to decide from which direction the emergency vehicle is coming to better mimic the way human motorist’s response to the alarms.

Waymo says its automobile can feel an emergency vehicle with its siren on, even when other cars continue moving.

Picture: waymo

Waymo’s vans are already on the street in Phoenix providing self-driven rides into the public at a pilot application, as well as the new emergency testing will provide the fleet more information to boost its services.

The company is prepping for even bigger expansions of its self-driving technology it is testing trucks and making deals with the likes of Lyft and Avis to position its fleet for broader installation in the near future so that it’s refreshing to see the company still focused on one of those subtle (but important) wrinkles of the driving experience.

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