Wasp And Hornet Spray As Self Defense?

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A Better Alternative to Pepper Spray ? There are numerous internet-recommended self defense techniques among them use wasp and hornet spray. Using them as an alternative to pepper spray is a violation of federal law and state law. Use of any pesticide “in a manner inconsistent with its labeling” is illegal and it’s a federal offense. It is also forbidden in some states to carry substances for self protection that are not been approved for that purpose. This means even having the wasp and hornet spray for self defense is also unlawful.

Pepper spray is approved as a self defense product because it has been tested on human and its disabling effects are known. It is also known to have effects that are only temporary. The main ingredient of pepper is capsaicin, an oil extract from chili peppers. This extract causes severe irritation of the eyes and lungs. The effects caused are a burning sensation to his eyes and temporarily blinds an attacker. It also temporarily cause difficulty in breathing. The pepper effect against an attacker can keep them at bay from as far as twenty feet away because of its powerful spray capability and its now, a lot more accurate. Thus allowing you more time to shout for help and attract attention from people,wasp-hornet-spray and give you valuable seconds to escape from your attacker.

The ingredient of the wasp and hornet aerosol can consists of one or more insecticides that may include propoxur or pyretherum. The effects of such chemical do include eye and lung irritation in humans. It is worth noting that these are chemical poison meant to kill insects. Their safety, short term and long term effects on human have not been verified or tested. Being poisons, using them implies one has an intention to kill rather than disarm, immobilize.

One of the reasons put forward for using wasp and hornet aerosol can for self protection at home is the projection distance. They are designed to project to a distance of twenty feet. It is not legal in all 50 states and it is a federal offence to use it. How effective and reliable wasp and hornet work as a deterrent against humans is bound to vary. They have different formulation and were not specifically meant for that purpose. If you are looking to invest in a defense tool, wasp and hornet is not the best.

Violation of the federal law in self defense can still land you in jail. One can still get the same projection distance that wasp sprays have if canisters of pepper spray are large and well pressurized. If you are looking for an alternative to pepper spray, look for something that is legal in all the 50 states. A good self defense spray should be accurate when aimed at the attacker and one that can be made at home for home protection. A pepper spray is legal, and can be use as a anti-home invasion weapon which can temporarily blind and stop an attacker.

Federal agents and law enforcers will in most cases advise you not to use wasp and hornet spray if the attacker is in a position to sue you. Pepper spray is much effective in personal defense and wasp and hornet spray is best suited for home pest management. The best option is to use what you can to save your life then get the best lawyer to safe guard your freedom.

It is always interesting or discouraging that the bad guy will turn around and sue you by taking advantage of the law. Always be aware that when dealing with a bad guy, especially a smart bad guy. They are always looking for a way to hurt you illegally and legally. Be smart, be safe. If you have the time to choose now, which would you choose ? Choose the right defense tool for your home and self protection.


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