Urban Survival Kit

A urban survival kit for people travelling into the city by public transport.

urban survival kit

Most of us works in the city travelling from suburban homes or even outer, into the city by public transport.

Day in Day out, we are always carrying our bags to work with stuffs that made our journey enjoyable. For example, like music, phones, daily food, work materials, books, etc.

However, if we are struck with a disaster or a terror attack, that forces us to run for our life, would we be able to overcome the critical period over the next 24hrs ?

Well, here is something you should take note of, to include some important stuffs when such incident happens.

You will need to have stuffs that are important to carry along and only the bare minimum to keep your bag light.

Make the necessary inclusions now and you would be glad that you did.

With so many unpredictable events happening around us, it is a must-carry urban survival kit to prepare for the unpleasant situations!

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