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U.S. Pays Up to Auction $179 Billion of Debt in a Span of Hours

The U.S. Treasury on Tuesday sold $179 billion of securities as it works to rebuild its cash balance, with returns at its stocks of three- and – six-month debt increasing to levels unseen since 2008.

The authorities began at 11:30 a.m. New York period by auctioning $51 billion of three-month bills at a yield of 1.64 percent, 6 basis points greater than similar-tenor debt sold on Feb. 12, and $45 billion of six-month bills at 1.82 percent.

Its 55 billion purchase of four-week notes at 1 p.m. had a yield of 1.38 percent, with a gauge of need known as the bid-to-cover ratio decreasing to 2.48, the lowest level since 2008. The first coupon offering of the week, a $28 billion auction of two-year notes, exceeding 2.255 percentage, the highest in almost a decade.  

All told, the offerings saw adequate need, provided the market is facing a deluge of earnings following the new U.S. debt ceiling suspension. The bid-to-cover ratios about both- and – six-month auctions were 2.74 and 3.11, respectively.

“There didn’t seem to be much of an effect on both- and – six-month bill auctions, but the four-week ran into a bit more of a digestion difficulty,” Thomas Simons, a money-market economist at Jefferies LLC, said in a note.

The $258 billion slate of U.S. auctions place to this week is assisting push the prices investors need. Concerns about the U.S. borrowing cap had compelled the Treasury to trim the whole amount of bills it’d outstanding, but with the latest debt-ceiling play over the government is currently busy ramping up issuance. Financing quotes from January reveal that the Treasury expects to issue $441 billion in marketable debt at the quarter, with the bulk of the in the short-term sector.

This is just the start of the U.S. debt auction schedule. The Treasury will sell five – and – seven-year maturities at the next two days, with both offerings larger than last month. It is going to also issue $15 billion of floating-rate notes.

Tom di Galoma, managing director at Seaport Global Holdings of plan and government trading, stated prior to the auction which it should be met with adequate need.

“I worry more about the seven-year stocks,&#x201D.


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