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Twitter says a now-fixed bug allowed ad campaigns to target users with derogatory terms

Add Twitter into the list of companies that have had to respond though Twitter says this was a consequence of a bug to target advertising campaigns against key phrases in their own advertising platform.

“We determined these campaigns were able to go through because of a bug that we have now mended,” a Twitter spokespersons aid. “Twitter prohibits and prevents advertising campaigns between content, and we’re going to continue to enforce our policies. ”

Reports came out this week that advertisers were able to target advertisements based on a collection of key words on Facebook. Facebook yesterday advised TechCrunch that it is currently working to prevent such offensive entrances in demographic traits out of appearing as addressable categories. Google seemed to confront a similar problem.

The Daily Beast yesterday reported that Twitter advertisements targeted to offensive keywords were able to reach millions of consumers. Twitter told The Daily Beast yesterday that the key phrases “’ve been blacklisted for many years. ”

Twitter, for example, enables advertisers to look for keywords though articles is explicitly banned by its policies . Twitter includes a zest for offensive words and phrases to try and make certain that this doesn’t happen, though when you have an audience as big as, say, Facebook or Twitter, it’s possible that things can slip through the cracks.

Part of this pertains to the character of self-service advertising platforms, which enables advertisers to build their campaigns around the people explain themselves on those platforms, as well as customized audiences that can at times be highly targeted. Those platforms will lean on their strengths — like folks differentiate themselves on Facebook or search phrases for Google — that may cause a range of incidents through the cracks.

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