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TUUSK: The Ultimate Urban Survival Kit

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The Ultimate Urban Survival Kit( TUUSK) isA a project thatA weA undertake with the team at Ready To Go Survival. We set out to build a bug out pouch that was optimizedA for urban survival.

The Ultimate Urban Survival Kit will enable you to 😛 TAGEND Breach doorways, windows, walls, containers, and other manmade or natural obstacles in your way Protect your hands, eyes, ears, and lungs from debris and dust Defend yourself against unfriendly survivors Perform basic first aid Purify and carry water Start a fire for warmth, cooking, or signaling Communicate with your bug out squad Receive radio updates on the evolving calamity Shelter yourself from the elements Have survival supplies forA at the least 72 hours Stay mobile all day long, if need be, as itA weighs under 15 pounds And much, much more The Full TUUSK Loadout. Ontario SPAX ToolA -A The SPAX is a highly versatile breaching tool that is perfectly suited for the urban environment and can double as a self-defense weapon. The SPAX still held an edge after being used to break cinder blocks, pierce sheet metal, chop wood, and break glass. Smith& Wesson Extreme Ops KnifeA -A The Extreme Ops is capable of easily slicing through light to medium materials utilizing either its main blade or seat belt cutter. The knife also integrates a glass breaker for escape or search and rescue intents. It’s lightweight and compact yet toughA enough to function as a full-sized knife. UCO Stormproof Matches inA Waterproof Container Cigarette Lighters x 2 Datrex Emergency Ration BarsA x 12 A -A These 12 A ration bars contain 2400 calories and should be sufficient for at the least a dayas hard travel. Camelbak 2.0 Liter Antidote Hydration ReservoirA- Efficiently carry the bulk of your water in the Medium Transport Pack Chlor-Floc WaterA PurificationA PacketsA -A Each one treats up to 1 liter of water for Giardia, bacteria, and other viruses Water Bottle -A Store additional water, scavenged water is capable of being simmered in this container Eye ProtectionA- UVEX Stealth OTG Safety Goggles Ear ProtectionA- MSA Safety Works Foam Ear Plugs( 4 sets) Lung ProtectionA- 3M N95 Particulate Respirator Masks( 4 masks) Hand ProtectionA- Mechanix M-Pact Gloves Coghlanas Tube Tent SOL Emergency Blanket Rothco Ripstop Poncho Paracord- 50 A feet Duct Tape- 50 feet 10 Large Zip Ties EtonA FRX2 Emergency Radio Storm Emergency Whistle All-purpose First AidA Kit from First Aid OnlyA -A AA 205 -piece First Aid kit that has all the basics you’d need for minor injuries. ThyroSafe Potassium Iodine TabletsA- These are used to protect you from radioactivity damage from a dirty bomb or other radiological attacks. Ammonia Inhalants -A Used to wake someone up who has passed out, we decided these would be good to have to keep our bug out team moving after serious injuries had resulted. Nebo 220 Lumen Redline LED FlashlightA- Flashlights are an essential item for any bug out bag. This flashlight is bright enough to be used for signaling or to temporarily blind an aggressive person. Additionally, the 5 usage modes( high, medium, low, SOS, strobe) give the Redline the flexibility to be useful in any survival or emergency situation. Gerber Compact Multi-PlierA -A A multitool with nearly limitless applications. The Compact Multi-Plier has all the basic tools one would expect from this type of tool including one-handed opening pliers, screwdrivers, a small blade, scissors, and a can opener. Again, every bug out container should have a multitool of this style. Folding Eating UtensilsA- This is one of those comfort items that remind you that you are a human being after a day of hiking under grueling conditions. The urban scenery should be filled with scavenging possibilities, and utensils will help us consume what we find. 6 AA and 6 AAA batteries -A The AAAs can be used as replacings on the Redline flashlight. The AAs can be used to power other personal devices. Batteries are also immensely valuable bartering items. No one wants to waste time in the aftermath of a disaster foraging for batteries. Pack a few extra and reap the benefits.

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