Off-Grid Home Made From Shipping Containers

Very affordable, practical and fast to build off-grid home

Shipping containers are in abundance and readily available in short notice. They are cheap costing somewhere between $1,500 to $4,000 per container depending where you stay due to the logistic needed to deliver to your location. Because of these reasons, shipping containers are gaining popularity in many other areas like storage, offices, bunkers and even making them as houses for living or as a 2nd home.

Many are making 2nd home as their off-grid home using shipping containers which do not use electricity and water. Imagine if you can design them on some beautiful location and it would be the ideal get away holiday trip. One great tip to note is that if you design them to be on wheels, your off-grid home will not be subjected to the legal inspections requirement and furthermore, you can go wherever you want.

Below are some very unique and nice design of off-grid homes using shipping containers. Using the surrounding nature, blending with your exterior design, to make a 2nd home you are proud of.

off-grid home

off-grid home

off-grid home

And look at the interior design below, it feels so spacious and it blends with the nature. Check out more design ideas from the video and start thinking about making an off-grid home “off the shelves”.

off-grid home




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