Trump wants the Department of Education to commit $200 million per year to computer science education

President Donald Trump will soon direct the Department of Education to commit $200 million annually to K-12 computer science education, which Code.org is marking as a success for its nonprofit organization. As Recode reported before today, Trump’s memorandum calls on the Department of Education to commit at least $200 million of its grant funds to STEM education.

“Today’s $200M per year devotion to computer science education marks a success for Code.org, also for its movement we began four years ago to enlarge accessibility to monitor science and boost participation by women and underrepresented minorities,” Code.org founder and CEO Hadi Partovi said in a statement to TechCrunch.

Last year, during the good ol’ times of President Barack Obama, our former president called for over $4 billion in financing for states to guarantee everyone has access to computer science education. Congress ended up not approving the initiative. No matter what your stance may be on Trump, this is a fantastic thing for America’s youth.

“This commitment together with the generous support of industry, state and local authorities will accelerate the adoption of computer science as rdquo; Partovi said, & core curriculum in K-12 schools that are American. “pupils will have access to understanding and achieving success in computer science and More educators will be trained. Today, only 40 percent of U.S. schools teach computer science, whether utilizing Code.org’s favorite curriculum or options. By 2022, we expect that number is 100 percent. ”

Based on this memo, Trump is directing the Department of Education to explore ways to add or increase focus on CS in K-12 schools, take into consideration gender and racial diversity and create an yearly report highlighting the department’s effectiveness in these attempts.

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