9 Compelling Reasons Why Trump Should Not Be Elected As President

Trump should not be elected as President

As support for Trump is going through its up and downs, are we really sure this is what America needs to make America great again ? We have heard enough of his promises and attacks made against Hillary, but still there are many reasons why Trump should not be elected as President. And here are 9 compelling reasons why.

If Donald Trump becomes the president of America, living in America would be scary. Living under the policies being outlined by Donald Trump would be difficult.

Tough Time For The Muslims In U.S.A

tough time for muslims

Approximately 2.75 million Muslim lives in U.S.A. While Trump becomes the president of U.S.A it will be extremely difficult for the Muslims to live there. Donald Trump has already shown the traits of Islam phobia. His hatred for the Muslims would lead to violence and chaotic situations. The year 2017 is going to be the worst year from the Muslims dwelling in America if Trump comes under the power. He would not bother to hurt the sentiments of the Muslims. Violence against Muslims would go to an extent of the demolition of Mosques.

Curtailed Freedom Of Press

curtailed freedom of press

Trump has designed numerous ways to implement laws to curtail the power and the freedom being enjoyed by the press. America was once known for its open approach and an extremely expressive media. The fear less media and press in America would go to any extent to expose the truth of any matter. Trump has already made it clear about the lawful procedures that he is going to conduct to curtail the power of the press. The press would finally lose the power, to tell the truth.

Toxic Environments

toxic environment

Trump has also decided to suppress the environment protection laws in U.S.A. This simply means that the air of America would be toxic. The industrial pollution will go to an extent of weakening the whole breed of Humanity. He decided to curtail down the cost involved in the protection of the environment and spend the money for other matters which he considers to be constructive.

Rate Of Orphans Would Increase

rate of orphan would increase

In an attempt to sound noble he also decided put a ban on the abortion. This sounds good, however with a complete ban on the abortion there with being an increase of the rates of orphans and parentless children. This would completely make the population and its order go haywire.

The Marriage Laws And Homophobic Rules

marriage laws and homophobic rules

Trump has also decided to amend the laws related to marriage. He has made it clear in various interviews that law will not treat men and women equally. The burden of marriage and the expenses involved would be the responsibility of the man while made the surname change a mandatory thing for married women. This indicates that Trump is biased when it comes to the equality of men and women. He also shows the traits of Homophobia. He has indicated that there will be strict laws imposed on the gay and the lesbian couples. With Trump coming into power, the freedom enjoyed by the same sex couple would be completely gone.

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