10 Traditional outdoor kitchens you cannot resist

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The kitchen may be the heart of the house, but the summer heat and a sense of adventure can bring family members and friends outside. Traditional outdoor kitchens are not only the answer to feeding them, but also to keep the house cooler and extending living space into nature. And it looks good too!

Traditional Outdoor Kitchens you’ll love to have in your backyard !

An outdoor kitchen should not be an enclosed room. The idea is not to make a replica of an indoor one, but instead to offer a convenient place to cook and gather around with some protection from the weather, plenty of storage and the best grill or wood-burning oven you can find. There are many ways to cook your food, for example, with charcoal or propane grill, wood-burning brick oven or even electric appliances, and if so, you may need an electrician to run the wires safely. And maybe to include a small fridge, to keep all your ingredient fresh.

The outdoor kitchen can also be a place to prepare your food or to chop your vegetables.

No matter how or what you prepare for friends and family in your outdoor kitchen, these unique living spaces will become favorites any time of the year. With enough protection from the weather and everything you need to cook and prepare delicious food, an outdoor kitchen will become a favorite gathering space for all.

Pick your favorite outdoor kitchen from these popular choices and start building one in your backyard.

In addition, there are also some nice designs on cob oven.

To those who are not sure what is a cob oven, here is a short description.

Cob oven – great for breads, pizza !

A cob oven is an outdoor structure that handles any baking activity that an indoor gas or electric oven would usually bake. Cob itself has four main components. They are made from natural, reusable materials, which significantly reduce the use of fossil fuels while baking. These materials include clay, subsoil, sand, straw and water. In case they are not reused, their disposal has no effect on the ecosystem.

Materials: The materials are readily available and often free. Other than the straw that might have to be bought or grown, the rest are just from earth. Since they are mixed in the building process, it’s advisable to have a reasonable quantity ready before starting the building process.

Tools: These include but are not limited to shovels, wheelbarrow, buckets, tape measure, tarps, rubber gloves, clay sifting screen and a few carpentry tools like hammer, drill, and saws.

Building: This might take a while due to the stages involved in identifying a suitable location for a stable flat base, transporting the materials, mixing materials, constructing the oven and detailing it. Additional structures to protect it might also lengthen the building period if the oven is meant to be used for a prolonged period. However, this particular structure can be made of a different material like plastic, metal or wood.

Process: Foot or a machine can do the mixing. The cob used to make the oven is prepared to a level wet enough to shape but dry enough to layer and hold on its own.

Usage: To use the cob oven, dry wood is the ideal fueling source. Depending on where the oven is being used, a sustainable usage of the wood should be considered based on the purpose and size of the oven as well.

Cob oven itself is very durable and often withstands fluctuating weather conditions without caving in if the roof structure is laid properly.

With that, please check out these traditional outdoor kitchens / cob ovens. It sure is a nice asset for your backyard!


#1   Smurf-like Cob oven, comes with an cob oven, grill and wood fired burner

Smurf-like Outdoor Kitchen

If you like to build one like this, here’s how.

#2  Cob oven for your pizza

cob oven

Nothing taste better than a cob-oven-baked-pizza.

If you love your pizza to be cooked this way, here’s how to do it.

Source : Rural Spin


#3  A gorgeous-looking Cob oven in Mexico

giant cob oven

I would love to eat that bread now!

Source : Rocket Stove Science

#4  Outdoor Kitchen in the garden

outdoor kitchen in the garden

Everything is ready. All you need is the Cook!

Source : Hillbilly Shack


#5  Wood Fired Griddle Oven

wood fired griddle oven

Versatile Oven that can be cooked on the Top.

Pancakes, fajitas, eggs and more can be cooked on the top griddle surface while lasagnas, bread, stews and pies can bake in the barrel oven below.

Built by Flemming Abrahamson of Fornyet Energi and Max Edleson of Firespeaking.

Source : Rocket Stove Science


#6  Eco Oven

eco oven

Nicely equipped kitchen oven. Great place to gather, cook and have fun!

Built by Skydance Davis Liu (Taiwan)

Source : Rocket Stove Science


#7  Traditional Hungarian Outdoor Kitchen

hungarian cob oven

Traditional Hungarian Outdoor Kitchen

Source : Rocket Stove Science


#8  A Designer cob oven

curvy cob oven

Nice Curves with Roof still work in progress.

A Designer Cob oven in the making.

Source and Built by : Bjorn Bayer


#9  An Outdoor Kitchen In The Woods

traditional outdoor kitchens in the woods

A Outdoor kitchen surround by Nature.

This is how our “grandparent” kitchen look like…

Source : Green Renaissance


#10  A Nice Outdoor Kitchen for the Summer

outdoor kitchen germany

Don’t you just love it ?

A nice outdoor kitchen for the summer!

Source : Bettina A. Muller

Hope you love it and let us know which one you love the best!

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