Top 10 Survival Tips for Disasters

survival foods to stockpile

Emergency Preparedness will be the Key to Your Survival, What should you do ?  Disasters can be breakdown into two groups; Natural disasters and man-made disasters. A natural disaster is a natural catastrophic event related to the changes to our Earth that causes great economic losses and loss of lives. For example like floods, earthquake and tornadoes, tsunamis, hurricane, major storm or an asteriod crashing into Earth! That would be a frightening event. It was claimed by Scientist that dinosaurs was wiped out by a meteorite that came crashing into our world and wipe out all our civilization. It just show how fragile our world is and is at the mercy of the universe and everything in between. In our modern times, our Earth is being “sacrificed” at the expense of population growths and commercialization as we see global warming increasing every decade, and the occurrence of these natural disasters are getting more frequent.


natural disasters

On the other hand, a man made disaster as the name suggest are event created by men, particularly politicians, powerful men or women and terror groups. These includes terrorist attack, war, nuclear attack, or biological wafares and these are horrible disasters that can occure our civilization nonetheless.

Another possibility, is a disease or virus outbreak which I guess you can classified this as a man-made disaster. Recent virus epidemics you can recall are SARS, Ebola and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome). Many people had die and die horribly. Its one of the worst suffering any person can go through. Either way, we do not want these to happen to us and we need to play our part to minimize these outbreaks if it ever occurs again.

Depending on where you live, you may be affected by one of these type of disasters in your lifetime. The key to survival is to be in a preparedness mode with supplies, equipment, a plan and a unique set of skills. There will be a few alterations for surviving – depending of the type of disaster like getting to higher ground during a flood for instance, or wearing a helmet during a tornado. Below are some of the top 10 survival tips that should be in place for all disasters.

Before we go start stocking emergency supplies and buying disaster supplies kit, the most important thing to do from this time onwards, is to take care of yourself. Be fit, be healthy and learn as much survival skills as you can. Read up all the best disaster survival guide you can find. This will be your first priority. Very often when a disaster strike, no matter how prepared we are ,there will be confusion, commotion and chaos around you. And the best way to deal with it, is to always keep a clear head. Do not panic! Your family members depends on you and whatever prepper skills you have acquired to this point, is what you have been preparing and practicing for, and this is not a time to go freaking out.

So let’s get into the main topics of this article. The key to survival is to be prepared with supplies, equipment, a plan and a unique set of skills. There will be a few alterations for surviving – depending of the type of disaster like getting to higher ground during a flood for instance, or wearing a helmet during a tornado. Below are the the top 10 survival tips for disasters that you can use as you see fit.



A supply of survival foods to stockpile. At least three days worth but consider several weeks worth depending on the type and magnitude of the disaster. Remember to use appropriate emergency storage containers or dry foods.

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 Emergency Drinking Water

emergency drinking water

Water is absolutely essential for our survival! The recommended water for your family member should be at least a gallon per person per day. Half the gallon should be used as clean drinking water and the other half for cooking and personal hygiene. Remember your family pets during the crisis and have enough water on hand for them. Other water sources during an emergency situation include stored ice, toilet tanks, pools, and water beds. In case you run out emergency drinking water, the next best thing is to know how to do water treatment. You should store some chlorine bleach or water purification tablet to purify water.

 weather radio

Weather Radio

A battery operated weather radio is going to be a great asset during a disaster as this maybe your only source of news and information regarding road closures and other safety issues. Remember to store extra batteries.


emergency cash

During a disaster, it is most likely that electricity will be out and that means that you will not be able to access an ATM and get much needed cash. It is for this reason that it is important that you keep a stash of cash on hand for emergency situations.

 Reliable Vehicle


In the event that you have to evacuate an area, a reliable vehicle that has a full tank of gas maybe your best friend. Keeping a vehicle maintained and running smoothly will help you get out of a flood zone quickly, for instance. Two feet of water will carry a car away and if you are on foot, only four inches of water can sweep you down river. When a disaster is forthcoming or in progress, you don’t want to wait on long lines for gasoline and run the risk of having the filling station run out of much needed gasoline.

 Survival Gear

survival gear

Keep a backpack full of disaster supplies that will be necessary during an emergency such batteries, flashlight, survival knife, duct tape, candles, matches, fire stove, survival still, fishing gear, sewing kits, and firearms for self defence, protection and for hunting, etc. A dark tarp is great for protection and also for catching rain water if necessary.

First Aid Supplies and Medicine

first aid kit

A fully stock of first aid kit should contain salve, bandages, OTC pain relievers, iodine, etc.  For medicine, remember to keep supplies for cough, flu, headaches, antibiotics, etc. For prescription medication on a daily basis for survival, please speak to your health care professional.

Personal Hygiene 

personal hygiene

Keeping ourselves clean and free from bacteria in a survival situation is very important. We do not want to fall ill and cause unnecessary burden to our family members. Your kit should include  items such as soap, toothpaste, tooth brush,  toilet paper, cotton swab stick,sanitizer wipes, razor,  and other essentials are something that should be in your emergency backpack.

 Sleeping bag

sleeping bag

Extra blankets and clothing are also necessary items when and if a disaster strikes.  

There you have it. It may not be the most comprehensive list but it should cover the most important supplies to survive a disaster. Hopefully, this top 10 disaster plan can save your life and your family too.


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