To snug as a bug in a rug with Extreme Knitting for this coming Winter

extreme knitting

Extreme Knitting, a rugged fashion that is gaining  popularity though this is not your usual knitted cloth where you commonly seen in woven sweaters where the knits are small. The thread used in “Extreme Knitting” are oversized and the needle are as big as a 50mm PVC pipe and over a meter long. That’s why it’s called “extreme”. If you look at a scarf knitted this way, you would have thought it’s a “dinosaur skeleton” around your neck!

It’s not easy, as you can imagine holding a big needle and the heavy thread, is a very tiring process. You need to sit on the edge of your chair with your legs wide open to give you a stable stance while holding two giant needle resting on each of your thighs. I guarantee you will get a good workout and have well defined bicep in no time. She describe her work as “one part bonkers, two parts beautiful and three parts the best therapy there is.”

This oversized knitting is invented by Jacqui Fink, a 42 yr mother of three children, living in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Jacqui’s story is quite interesting as to how she listened to her inner voice that tells her to knit and it has to be something big. This leads her into giving up her lawyer job which she was not happy with, and started experimenting oversized knitting for 5 years and eventually lead her to her successful business in “extreme knitting” called Little Dandelion. She now has a very strong following fan base from all over the world.

In between, she had several challenges, fighting post-natal depression and saddened by her mum’s failing health due to a genetic lung disease which requires a double lung transplant. So to calm herself down, she did knitting which she find peaceful and learn about herself even more. And during one of her moments of truth, she heard voices that calls her to do something big in knitting and that’s how her story evolves to what it is today. By the way, her mum has recovered and is doing incredibly well, and that was a great relieve to her.

Incidentally, if you look up in the dictionary, Dandelion is a kind of a incredibly healing flowery plant which is used in China and Arabic for more than a thousand years ago, for curing cancer. So I guess it’s no coincidence, why “Little Dandelion” name is used in her business. It has so much meaning to her.

Today, Jacqui has created a unique wool known as K1S1 (Knit 1 Share 1) and producing many beautiful one-of-its-kind art pieces that includes blankets and decorative home furnishings that will give your house a refreshing look. She will continue to work on her passion by collaborating with various artists from all over the world. So keep watch on her as you will be hearing more from her about her new artistic pieces.

Take a look at Jacqui’s master pieces and you would naturally want one, with her oh so cosy blanket. It’s big in warmth, extreme size, to snug youself warm this coming extreme winter.

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