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tiny house on wheels

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The Best of Both Worlds – Eco-Friendly Tiny House on Wheels

Eco-friendly housing is becoming a popular idea. For most, living a sustainable lifestyle is a wholly unreachable idealistic dream. They are relegated to making small changes within a larger infrastructure which they cannot choose. There are a lot of creative solutions to this dilemma, and going ‘off grid’ is just one of them. The
tiny house swoon represents another. Here and there you will find examples of people attempting to marry the two concepts. Fred Schultz has built a tiny house on wheels that does just that.

Fred’s stunning home on wheels was hand made and designed by himself (mostly). As with all tiny homes, he took heavy stock in his and his family’s priorities, and built

main design of tiny house

Tiny house interior design is challenging, and each home is as unique as the owner. The beauty and functionality of Fred’s space has a nice blend of inner and outer uses. His house has two verandas, which creates lovely outdoor spaces and brings a welcome relief to the inner space. And what an inner space it is. This tiny house interior has all the essential aspects of larger homes. There is a living room which also functions as a dining space for semi-large gatherings and can also become a guest bedroom. The kitchen is fully functional, with a cleverly hidden pull-out refrigerator. Last but not least, there is a beautiful Japanese-style bathtub rather than a standing-only shower.

flexible dining area tiny house

space saving dining area tiny house

my kitchen space tiny house

One aspect he chose to leave off is water. As in, he stores a limited amount of water in a tank in the roof. Most would consider having a significant means of storing or
sourcing water necessary to live off the grid, but Fred decided to limit the need to store and carry water, which means his home site must have a water source.

In Fred’s particular circumstance, he and his wife have a young child, and may have more children in the future. So Fred keeps his design and expectations for his tiny house fluid, with an eye on creating more sleeping spaces. This is a family oriented design, which is relatively low cost and has all the electricity they will need. The choices he and his wife have made demonstrate that a sustainable ecofriendly lifestyle is possible for anyone who wants it. It is a matter of priorities versus resources.

Check out this video to see Fred’s creative design.

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