Tiny Clothes for Premature Babies

What do you do when babies were born early and they are too small for baby clothes ?

1 in 10 babies in US being born prematurely and that’s quite alarming.

And equally alarming or worrying for mums are that tiny clothes are required, and you can’t go to any store and buy one easily.

Premature babies needs close hugging clothes and must feel comfortable.

So Amanda Huhta, a mother, whom have not sewn before in her life, made some premature baby clothes.

So how small are these tiny clothes ? Imagine the size of a hand phone. That’s how small the clothes are.

The way she design them are simple and practical in the sense that it will not hinder any tubes that may attached to the premature babies.

Imagine if you are cold and needing some clothes to keep you warm, having a close hugging clothes means alot!

That’s how the moms felt when they received the clothes. It was at the most important moment.

Check out this video how Amanda and her son helps spread the love.

And by the way, due to the high demand, she needs more help.

Video Source : Upworthy

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