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Tim Cook says he stands behind the 250 Dreamers currently working for Apple

Tim Cook was one of the top tech leaders that sat down with Trump ahead of inauguration in hopes of helping shape the new president’s technology policy. But like a lot of those who held a glimmer of hope Apple’s CEO has discovered more than a couple reasons to push back. In the wake of the violence in Charlottesville last month that ended in three deaths, ” Cook issued a statement highlighting his disagreement with Trump’s answer.

Cook took to Twitter this morning, to enlarge on his service that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) following news that Trump will finish the program next week. Signed by President Obama in 2012, the “Dreamers” app protects young immigrants from danger of deportation. In his tweet, Cook explained that the company currently employs 250 Dreamers.

Trump told the press this week that he’s been considering ending the app, with a press secretary adding that a decision would be announced on Tuesday of next week, just following the Labor Day holiday. The move would be an extension of those claims that fueled rsquo & the President;s such as such as the kick-off event where campaign from the beginning, he told the audience that Mexico is “bringing medication. They’re bringing offense. They’re rapists. And a few, I presume, are men and women that are good. ”

News that Trump was closely considering finishing the program prompted Cook, along with the minds of Amazon, Google, Netflix and other crucial tech companies to pen a letter this week requesting Trump to keep DACA. “Dreamers are all essential to our economy, & rdquo and the future of our companies. “Together with them, we create and grow jobs. They’re part of why we’ll continue to have a competitive advantage that is global. ”

The letter noted that the “780,000 hardworking young people” who would risk deportation, if DACA come to an end. With now’s tweet, Cook explained that the app is more than simply abstract politics to the company. Ending it on Tuesday would have a tangible effect on Apple, along with the remainder of the reported 72 percent of Fortune 500 companies that currently use Dreamers.

The repeal has shown controversial with leaders of rsquo & Trump;s own party. On Friday, House Speaker Paul Ryan expressed concern with the movement, telling reporters, “I actually don’t even believe he must do that. I think that this is something that Congress must fix. ”

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