This portable espresso machine gives a caffeine boost on the go

When we express on-the-go we imply .

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Paying $4 to your daily dose of espresso daily is fun, but you may want to conserve your money and buy one of these poor boys rather than

Say goodbye to this clunky machine on your own kitchen and hello for this portable one instead. Weighing in at under 1lb and measuring about 7 , it may fit in your bag the drawer of the desk, and just about anywhere else.

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The Minipresso GRs innovate design includes a semi automatic piston that injects small quantities of water to the java adapter. After a few pushes of the button, then a bold espresso shot is pulled. It also has water tanks of different abilities, which makes it possible to enjoy multiple espresso kinds with any assortment of bean or roast.

Grab one here for $57.94 and receive brewing.

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