This Newborn Baby Was Found Scared And Alone In The Most Horrifying Place

For a young mum experiencing an unwanted pregnancy, the options can be terrifying.

That is why in america we have Safe Haven laws that allow mothers to drop newborns off at hospitals and fire stations, no questions asked. It will ensure that babies remain safe and have an opportunity to discover a family that will love and care for them while this isn’t the outcome.

In Thailand, similar laws exist against child abandonment, but that didn’t stop someone from doing the unthinkable.

Some people out walking heard shouts coming from, of all places, a trash can. They immediately called the police.

CityNews Photo via Chiangrai Times

The baby girl, who was stuffed inside a few bags, was in dire need of oxygen. She had been rushed to the hospital.

Doctors decided she had been just over twelve hours old and say she’d have died if she had not been found. She’s secure and being cared for.

The hospital was inundated with calls from people that wish to adopt the baby girl, so it is safe to say she’ll be loved and cared for by her new household.

(via Chiangrai Times)

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