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This is why people feel uncomfortable about ‘Stranger Things’ kiss in the finale


Revelations about the making of one scene in the Stranger Things 2 finale have triggered controversy on social networking.

The end of Stranger Things 2 sees Max (Sadie Sink) and Lucas (Caleb McLaughilin) exchanging an embarrassing kiss during Hawkins Middle School “Snow Ball” dance.  

In Netflix’s Past Stranger Matters after-show, the Duffer brothers along with the cast discuss the final episode, and things instantly become oddly warmed up.  

Asked how it was shooting on the kiss scene, Ross Duffer immediately goes on the defensive, telling Sink it is “all her own fault.”

The 15-year-old celebrity, who is visibly upset, notes that “the kiss was not written in the script”:

“I get there, the first day of filming the Snowball and walking in I see things and the decorations. You, one of you, I think it was you Ross, you state Ooh, Sadie? ’ rsquo & I;lsquo; What, & m enjoy! No! That’s not in the script… that’s not occurring”

“So the whole day I was like stressed out, I was like oh my god, wait, am I gont need to…is it gon nana happen, is it not… and it didn’t happen that day, but then the next day of filming the Snowball. ”

Duffer answers: “You responded so strongly for this. I was only joking, And you’re so freaked out that I was like well, I gotta make her do it now…” To which Sink says: “That is why it’s my fault?”

“That’therefore why I’m saying it’s your fault,” Duffer responds.  

The celebrity later reiterates she was stressed out as the kiss has been filmed in front of a complete room of people, such as “his parents, along with the team, along with my mother” and it is now seen by countless individuals around the globe.  

Individuals voiced their distress and anger on Twitter and took trouble with the market:  

A Twitter thread by Anna Marquardt summed up just how many people felt after watching Past Stranger Matters:

Mashable has achieved to Netflix for comment, and will update accordingly.

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