This Is What We Should Be Teaching Young Girls About Self Love And Beauty

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Caroline Hernandez

But how are we supposed to teach young girls lessons we harbor’t heard ourselves?

Society puts a whole lot of pressure on everyone to look a specific way. It’s all a numbers game.

Size. Weight. Measurements. Beauty. Restrictions. Calorie consumption.

During gym, we are weighed from an early age. We’re asked for sizes in front of our teammates. If girls aren’t judging each other they are judging themselves and societal media is making every part of their life a contest.

It’s a generation everything by what they eat to what workout they do needing validation and 24, on smart phones.

We’re teaching girls to look at their flaws instead of their characteristics striving for perfection that isn’t.

Comparing themselves to models in magazines. Filtering need to. Editing everything so intensely.

Defining pleasure based on notifications.

Instagram. Facebook. Snapchat. It encourages you to judge people by appearance or how happy they could be and what they are putting on the market. But we get caught up in judging ourselves too wondering why everyone seems more happy than people hiding it and overcome guilt.

In which adults are judging one another based on photographs 12, dating apps. That is what we are teaching them that it’s ok to judge people on what they look like rather of that they are.


And we wonder why there’s a higher rate of depression.

According to Business Insider,

‘After scouring several surveys of adolescents for clues, I found that each of the possibilities traced back to a shift in teenagers’ lives: this smartphone’s ascendance. ’

That is what we should be telling girls about self-love and real beauty. And this is how we should be speaking to ourselves.

Don’t even speak about her body in regards to appearance but instead the terrific things bodies are capable of doing. Don’t even look in the mirror and speak to yourself aboutt enjoy. Don’t speak about her weight in regards to what she needs to lose or gain. Don’t put a target thinking that’s going to make you happy. Don’t even speak with her about. Educate her and yourself to learn how to enjoy your flaws.

Don’t even use words such as skinny. Use words such as powerful and beautiful. Realize being healthy is exactly what’s it’s about. It’s not about being skinny. It’s teaching her to workout not since she hates herself and wants to change your mindset.

It’s teaching because everything you put into your body is significant to your health not just what you want her to eat healthy. It’s teaching her to pursue her favorite game since there are some things teams can teach you that nobody else can.

Don’t compliment her appearance but instead something special about her. Since what makes her and what makes you lovely has nothing to do with appearance and everything related to how individuals are treated by her and how she makes them feel about themselves.

That’s attractiveness.

Being genuine is amazing. Being kind is amazing. Being a fantastic person is amazing. And these are things that you can’t purchase in a store.

Educate her what’s appealing. She isn’t restricted by who she is or what she looks like. Is going to be her mindset. How she lights up referring to the things she cares about. How she does something she adores daily and as a result, she becomes good at it and people respect her for it.

We will need to stop teaching girls they will need to change since she doesn ’ t., to appreciate themselves

We have to put the example of loving that we are not wanting to change if we want to teach our young girls love and to love .

Confidence is important. Liking the individual is essential. But I feel a whole lot of us don’t know how to be great enough for ourselves.

How we speak to young girls is indeed important but how we speak to these is an expression of how we speak and see ourselves.

If we want to raise a generation of girls that become powerful women set that instance. Because as far as they deserve to appreciate themselves you do.


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