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This Is Me Giving You A Giant Piece Of My Heart

Igor Starkov

That is me showing you that I am when nobody is around.   Who I am beneath the loud laugh and the goofy stories. This is me willing to show all of the components I’ve been concealing. What I don’t want the world to see or understand, what I wrote when I was fearful, what I wrote when I was broken and the words I wrote when my tears filled the webpages. That is me ready to tell everything that you want to know.

That is me asking you to be my very best buddy. So that I can tell you everything. So I will trust you with of my deepest secrets and share my life with you. I want you to be the person I call when I need to vent and the person I run to when I need to feel understood. I want you to be my best friend so that I can have the liberty of being that person for you also. I want to be your very best buddy too.I want to be faithful to you. I want one in my life indefinitely. I Would like to make you feel

That is me attempting to introduce one to a different kind of love. The kind of love that takes all of the components you hate about yourself. The kind of love that writes poetry from your pain. The kind of love that sees your scars and believes you’re lovely. The kind of love that you don’t even have to question. The kind of romance that will stick around when you’re used to people leaving.

That is me picking you. That is me putting you first and providing you my undivided attention. That is me getting over all of the old games and the meaningless flings and being real with you. That really is me promising to answer all of your questions and let you know that the truth behind every lie. This is me needing to love you without breaking up a single bit of your heart.

That is me giving you a bit of my heart that I harbor’t given to anyone else. That really is me handing it to you hoping you’d take it. That is me giving you a giant part of my heart knowing that it’s merely a matter of time before I happily give you my heart.


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