These Survivalists Believe The aEUR~ End Of The WorldaEUR( tm) Is Going, And TheyaEUR( tm) re Ready For It

In the event that this actually happens, we’d likely admittedly simply succumb. We’re not really equipped to deal with a lawless world, and we’d likelyfall at the first hurdle.

Come this apocalypse, however, there are certain people who are going to flourish. Because they’ve been preparing.

Convinced that the’ objective of the world’ is nigh, these survivalists, or’ preppers’ are prepared for anything. Be it an ebola outbreak that wipes out the government, a financial crash that brings society to its knees, or a nuclear assault thatdestroys basically everything, they have the skills and the suppliesto survive.

The way they see it, when things start to go south, you have two alternatives. You can either’ bug in’- seal yourself in your housewith a couple ofyears worth of canned goods and bottled water, or’ bug out’- grab your family, and head to a procure, isolated location.

‘Preppers’ tend to beprepared for either option. They have the food and water( and we hope one hell of a lot of board game) to sustain them for a couple of years indoors, and they also have a secure locating in place.

This could be a cabin in the timbers, or simply a nice spot for a tent.

Most’ preppers’ own a serious sum of camping kit, are trained in self defence, and know more about purifyingwater than civilians like uscould ever imagine.

Some of them, however, take their preparation more seriously than others. One human in America has1 000 fish living in his swimming pool. Nice pets for now, arrive the apocalypse they’ll be his primary source of food.

Another happily admits that he would shoot his daughters’ friends in the face if they tried to take his stockpiles.

Prevalent in both the US and the UK, these survivalists don’t want to be seen as crazy, and someof them likely aren’t.( We’ll call the man who wants to shoot his teenage daughters’ friends a particularly bad instance …).

They just think that we should be able- in cases where there a cataclysmic event- to sustain ourselves.

They think that in times ofdisaster, we shouldn’t rely on the authorities to look after us. And- in a world of Isis, Ebola and Donald Trump- they think that this disaster is coming…

Do you think they have a point ?

Sources: Daily Mail, Armageddon Online, Wired

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