There’s A New Powerpuff Girl But Twitter Can’t Get Over This Major Detail

The beloved Powerpuff Girls are a combination of sugar, spice, everything nice… along with a few compound x. Due to Professor Utonium’s clumsiness, his creation of the great little girls caused the trio’s crime-fighting super powers (that compound x is no joke). In all, his misstep was problematic, and the city of Townsville is definitely grateful for its cute small vigilantes. But what happens when a few compound Is thrown into the mix? Ladies and gents, I present to you Bliss, the fourth largest Powerpuff girl.    

It’s time for the trio. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup really have an older sister — a teenager at that, in accordance with . In Cartoon Network picture event, viewers learn all about the girls’ big sis who ran away from home due to her capabilities.     She resorted to a deserted island (Bird Poop Island, really) where she can stay by her lonesome and not hurt anybody with her overactive powers — powers which may be too powerful for even everyone’s favorite trio. Chemical x, compound w/hellip; seems if you ask me, as the professor should receive his laboratory in order.

This is Bliss, the fourth Powerpuff Girl (or first if you’re going to get technical).

YouTube/Cartoon Network

Isn’t she a crime-fighting cutie? She was loved by Twitter.

There is only one problem… everybody whined about Bunny.

Obviously, there was a bit of social media play all thanks to Bliss’ arrival and the disregard for poor Bunny, who first appeared at the 1998 incident “Twisted Sister. ” Maybe there’ll be an additional reboot in which everybody comes back. When shooting on nefarious villains like Him, Mojo Jojo, and Sedusa the more the merrier. How else will Townsville’s city conquer all of that evil?

If you’re Team Bunny Team Bliss, or equally, it is safe to say everyone’s childhood favorites are making a comeback — to Nickelodeon favorites from Cartoon Network.   Love Tribe, which was created by Hybrid Apparel, chose to team up with Nickelodeon to market a  line exclusively at Macy’s that includes the best of this decade: And so on.

“The notion for Love Tribe is that must have meaning. It’s not only about selling stuff,” Bonnie Dogan, vice president of sales for specialty retailers in  Hybrid Apparel, informs  Elite Daily. “We reminded us and got the notion that it’d be really great to design. The bright palette gives the line a fun, youthful, playful feel. ”

Courtesy of Love Tribe/Hybrid Apparel

If Lisa Frank was your jam back into school, you’ve hit the jackpot. The new neon, bizarre-colored animals is now making its comeback not only thanks to PJ sets at Target, but also comforter sets and plush pillows at Walmart. If you’re looking to create a splash, without question, Lisa Frank is unquestionably the way to do so. Your house decor is about to find the neon treatment plan accordingly.


Regardless of your preferred — Lisa Frank, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, you name it — there is a reason the ’90s hold a particular spot in millennials’ hearts. Nostalgia has a meaning.

Based on Alan R. Hirsch in his report, “Nostalgia: A Neuropsychiatric Understanding,” nostalgia is a longing for an idealized past — “a longing for a sanitized impression of yesteryear, what in psychoanalysis is known as a display memory — not a true recreation of the past, but instead a combination of several distinct memories, all integrated together, and in the process all negative emotions filtered out. ”

It’s great to get a taste of the good ‘ol days throughout the day. Cheers to the Powerpuff Girls (new and old) that are going to have a stand against the bad guys.

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