The Walking Dead Cast Discusses Real Life Survival Odds

walking dead

Who? … in the actors participant of The Walking Dead would certainly pass away initially in an actual zombie armageddon?

You will certainly locate out even more concerning your actors’s character as well as you would certainly be amazed regarding what they understand or do not recognize. Picture someone was picked since of the complying with factors like, he does not understand exactly how to fish!? or he does not recognize just how to make use of a i-phone.

Anyhow, had a look at this video clip as well as be familiar with your preferred actors much better.

The survival probabilities for the zombie armageddon on TELEVISION appear almost non-existent, yet what regarding a REAL one? Enjoy your favored actors participants in this Entertainment Weekly special talk about which cast participants THEY think would not make it in a genuine zombie armageddon…

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