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The striking differences between Stephen King ‘It’ and the 1990s mini series

You see it. The resemblance. Kellyanne Conway. Pennywise out of IT. Kellywise the Dancing Clown.

The authors in Saturday Night Live sure did.

Tonight’s offering from the continuing cinematic saga of Kellyanne vs. Anderson Cooper featured Alex Moffat’s Cooper (clad in a yellow raincoat, natch) finding a motive to peek down a storm drain — while everybody and their brother cried in the home, “DON’T GO NEAR THE STORM DRAIN, COOP!  

Hiding inside was the clownish Conway, performed as always by Kate McKinnon.

Image: nbc

“Put me she demanded, promising ramblings about Puerto Rico and Rex Tillerson eating sundaes.

Kenan Thompson the cop cautioned Cooper to get away; Kellywise the Clown had squeezed Rachel Maddow into her drain of madness just yesterday. But Conway switched to rsquo McKinnon &;s other political persona, Hillary Clinton, and it was more than Cooper could withstand.

Bye-bye Coopy.

Image: nbc

Oh thank goodness. It was all a dream.


Image: nbc

Thank you for the nightmares, SNL.

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