The story behind this dog food bowl has Twitter in tears

Grab a tissue and a shoulder to scream on, because you may need it for this emotional journey.

Filmmaker Easton Dufur shared this touching story on Twitter about his two dogs over the weekend.

Dufur only has one food bowl for his two labradors, Stitch and Cookie. Ever since Cookie was young, Stitch taught her to only devour half the bowl so that there was enough for both of them.

Stitch sadly passed away earlier this month so Dufur’s been devoting Cookie less meat, but in the same bowl. Even with less to devour, Dufur still found that Cookie left half the food for Stitch.

In an email, Dufur spoke about Cookie and Stitch’s relationship.

“We got Stitch when I was in kindergarten. Then around the third grade is when we got Cookie. We felt that Stitch should have some company. But they were like Batman and Robin they were always together they ever ever got along and always were playing with each other and taking care of one another.”

Do you feel your heart interrupting a little inside now? Well, you’re not the only one. Twitter truly couldn’t handle this tearjerker.

If your heart going to be able be dealt with, here are videos and video footage of the happy hound BFFs before Stitch passed.

Although Stitch’s extending was a tough week, Dufur tells us that Cookie is doing well.

“We still are building sure that she is getting adoration and convenience that she needs right now so she is doing well, ” said Dufur.

Sometimes it seems like puppies are just too good for us humans.

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