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The Most Epic Contractor Story Ever Shows How Rich People Solve Problems

Employed as a builder can be exciting, with workplaces and different locations and intriguing to see, and fascinating people to meet.

Nobody knows this better than Kevin. While the owners are off in Europe working on a client & rsquo; s house, it feels like just another normal day for Kev who has been on the job for some time now.

However, this time things proven to be somewhat different. “In 35 years nothing like this has happened, so that I’m on pace for another 35 boring years. I’m OK with that,&rdquo.

What exactly happened with this day to Kevin? He showed up in the house as usual this time there 4 cars were parked in the driveway. Weird right? Weird indeed. And boy, did it escalate from there.

Scroll down the read the story below, and in case  you have a contractor terror story let’s know in the comments!

In his 35 years working as a builder, Kevin hasn’t experienced anything similar to what happened on this particular day

Do you own a contractor horror story? Tell us in the comments below!

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