The Healing Stones: Crystals for Sleep: Get More Zzzs With These Clearing Stones

There are many ways to get restful sleep, such as counting sheep or avoiding screens in bed before going to sleep.

Crystals are another option, which some swear by.

Although there is no scientific support for crystals being used to aid sleep, energy healers believe crystals can be placed in the bedroom and worn before bed.

Adora Winquist is a modern alchemist who is also an expert in vibrational healing.

She says that the Earth is made up of thousands minerals, each with their own unique and powerful abilities to help us heal, balance and strengthen our lives. Their vibrational patterns receive, transmit, amplify energy.

These claims don’t have scientific support, but Winquist, and other crystal-users, believe that crystals may be able to improve sleep patterns by improving well-being.

Winquist says that “[Crystals] reminds us of our deep relationship to the Earth’s rich offer of medicines.”

The Healing Stones: Crystals for Sleep: Get More Zzzs With These Clearing Stones

Science says

The research on crystal healing is limited. Research in the areas of sleep and crystals is also scarce.

A common belief is that crystals can cause a placebo effect. An older 2005 studyTrusted Source

Notes that crystals’ healing properties may be more dependent on the ability to think than any other factor.

Crystal healing has been used for centuries by cultures all over the globe to heal a wide range of illnesses. It is still being practiced today.

Although there aren’t many studies to support their claims, it’s worth giving crystals another try.

The use of crystals for medical treatment should not be considered as a substitute for proper medical care. No scientific evidence supports the use crystals to treat sleep disorders or other sleep-related conditions.

These suggestions were based upon anecdotal evidence. These suggestions should only be used as complementary therapies to medical treatments.

The best crystals to sleep

There are many reasons why sleep can become disrupted, including anxiety, stress, nightmares and inability to shut off the mind.

Proponents believe there might be a solution to any issue.

Restful and peaceful sleep

Winquist suggests these tips for a restful night of sleep:

  • Fluorite
  • Green calcite
  • rose quartz

Winquist states that fluorite and green-calcite provide a soothing and calming energy, which allows us to feel at ease after a hard day. Rose quartz, a stone that encourages love and letting go of all disharmonious energy or interaction of the day is called “Rose Quartz”.

Keith Birch of KSC Crystals recommends howlite.

He says that howlite not only reduces critical thinking, but also increases creativity. It has a calming effect and is able to reduce anxiety, tension and other intense emotions.

Birch claims that howlite can be used to:

  • calm your mind
  • Reduce your worry
  • Relaxation aid
  • Help you to prepare for meditation or sleep

Sleep and anxiety

Winquist offers some suggestions if you are worried about your sleep.

  • rhodochrosite
  • Red Tiger’s Eye
  • Amethyst

She says that the three stones can be used to ease anxiety, calm nerves and relax mind and body.

Winquist suggests that rhodochrosite may help anxiety associated with tightness in the chest. Red tiger eye is recommended for whole-body anxiety.

She says that amethyst can be calming to those suffering from anxiety, tension headaches or other digestive problems.

Important to remember that these claims do not have scientific support.


Birch and Winquist suggest the following stone for sleeplessness:

  • Howlite
  • Moonstone
  • Opal
  • ruby

Birch suggests that if you have insomnia due to racing thoughts, Birch recommends placing a piece or crystal grid on your bed.

Winquist suggests that opal and moonstone may be helpful for those who overthink.

She says that these stones give her a deep sense of tranquility, and help remind me of the mystery of the universe.

Winquist suggests ruby when it comes to insomnia. It doesn’t need to be of high quality gem to make it effective.

Talk to your doctor if you have persistent insomnia.

Both nightmares and dreams

Winquist is a great choice if you’re looking to live your dreams while avoiding nightmares.

  • epidote
  • black tourmaline
  • Citrine

The stone epidote, which is also known as the “stone of great understanding”, says she. She says it’s a wonderful stone to improve dreaming and tap into your intuitive, wise nature.” Black tourmaline, a protective stone that helps against nightmares and citrine is a powerful stone to empower you and help overcome the difficulties often encountered in recurring dreams.

Relaxation and sleep

Winquist suggests Winquist if you are struggling with relaxation

  • sapphire
  • Sugilite
  • Celestite

Winquist says that sapphire stimulates the ability to see mystically and gives off an energy of peace.

She says that “Sugilite promotes a sense meditative Zen and quiet at the cellular levels.” Celestite, also called the stone of angels, infuses us all with grace and the desire to be calm and peaceful.

Apnea in sleep

Winquist recommends crystals for a complement therapy to sleep apnea (a condition where breathing stops during sleep).

  • quartz
  • jasper
  • lapis lazuli

She says that Quartz helps keep the energy channels open in our bodies. Jasper is a powerful energy source that infuses blood with vitality and renewal, which strengthens us at the cell level.

Winquist, when it comes to lapis says that “it connects us with the cosmic principle harmony and balance. This allows our spirit to engage in esoteric pursuits, so our body can rest, and renew.”


Winquist recommends that you try crystals to help with snoring.

  • blue kyanite
  • Blue calcite
  • Selenit

She says that these stones “help to clear, balance and expand the throat, sinus, and areas for greater energy flow.”


If you sleepwalk, Winquist advises using:

  • Garnet
  • Malachite
  • shungite

She says that the three stones create an energy shield around individuals to instill a feeling of security on the subconscious level.

What crystals can be used for sleeping?

Winquist suggests several ways to use crystals.

The bedroom

Winquist suggests that having a good crystal nearby your bed could be beneficial, along with setting up a grid of crystals.

A crystal grid is a pattern that consists of certain types of crystals, arranged in a specific way. The grid’s shape and the types of crystals are believed to invoke an energetic quality.

Crystal grids are able to be placed in different parts of the bedroom, and can synergize with your intentions. Winquist also says that essential oils can enhance their effect.

To invoke the cosmic principles for harmony and balance, she suggests a grid be set up in your bedroom.

Under your mattress

Winquist suggests that crystals placed under your pillow and mattress could improve sleep quality. Winquist suggests placing one crystal at each corner of your mattress or bed to balance it.

I have a large amount of fluorite that I love to put under my pillows. Winquist states that it is soothing and calms me. It also helps me to connect with a deeper sense of my dream state.” When I go to sleep, this stone helps me focus on my main goals for the day.

Your body

Winquist suggests a 3-crystal grid when placing crystals on the body in order to encourage sleep.

She advises, “Place an amethyst to each side of your forehead while lying on your back. One moonstone should be above your crown. Focus on deepening and sustaining your breathing.”

Winquist recommends that you practice gratitude for crystals placed on your skin to increase their effect.

She says, “This opens your heart and liberates the monkey mind. It allows you to focus on positive aspects in your life.”

Take a dip in the tub

Hot baths can help you relax and get to sleep before going to bed. Winquist suggests that hot tubs can also be used with crystals.

She says, “I love to add rose quartz and a few drops my favorite essential oils to it and picture myself wrapped in pink cocoons of unconditional love that envelop and tempt me into the dream world.”

Winquist suggests adding some calming herbal tea to the bath for a more relaxing experience.


Selenite and some crystals are not compatible with water. To determine if your crystals are suitable for bathing, check the Mohs Hardness Scale and do some research on them.

Take care

Winquist recommends being cautious if crystals are kept in your bed.

She says that terminated crystals can puncture the skin if they are kept in a bed. Small crystals are best avoided when children have bed access. Fragile crystals may break if they’re left in bed.

Take care of crystals placed in or around your home.

Avoid crystals in your bedroom

Winquist says that not all crystals are suitable for every room.

She says that crystals with high stimulation levels should be kept out of the bedroom.

They include moldavite and turquoise.

Winquist says that everyone reacts differently to crystals. It’s important to find out their reactions before you add to your bedroom.


Crystals are praised by many people. Some crystal advocates believe you can get a restful night of sleep by placing some crystals under your mattress, on your bed, or in your bedroom.

Although there is no evidence to suggest crystals can be used for sleeping, it’s worth giving them a shot. However, crystals shouldn’t be used to replace professional medical care.

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