The Best Crystals to Love: It All Starts with You

The Best Crystals to Love

The most powerful force in all of the universe is love. It is the life force that gives us meaning and purpose. It is the universal force that connects all of us. No two love stories are the same, from ancient times to today. It is a constant presence for the fortunate. It can be difficult, frustrating, or even impossible for others. Love is not a straight path. It’s almost always a series of twists, turns, ups or downs. Some roads are short while others can last a lifetime. Love manifests in many ways for each person. It can be romantic, spiritual, familial, family, friends, passion, or even a lack thereof. Self-love is the most important love. It’s unconditional acceptance of yourself, for you and recognition that you are worthy of love. The relationship we have to ourselves can be difficult, but it is the foundation for all that follows. Self-love, which is a three hundred sixty degree understanding of how you love yourself and how you love others, is the foundation upon which all relationships with others are built. Set the bar high and believe that all roads lead to love.

The Best Crystals to Love will give you the glow of love

You should take time to pamper your skin and exercise your mind. The best crystals to love will allow us to access the beauty and divinity already within us. Sometimes, the gems that have the least energy can give the best results. These crystals can help you to understand and accept yourself better so that you can share your best, purest self with others. It takes courage to be vulnerable. To make progress, you need patience. Sometimes it takes patience and courage to let go of your inhibitions. To reach your destiny, faith and honesty are essential. We already have the coordinates in our heads, all we need is a few tools to help us navigate. These are the top crystals for love to help us navigate this journey and find all the love within us.

The Best Crystals to Love

For Attracting Love with Crystals

Certain crystals that are good for love can help us take care of our hearts, let go of all negativity and make way for positive, healthy relationships.

  • Rose Quartz is a powerful love magnet: Rose Quartz is one of the most powerful stones to attract love. It opens your heart to all types of love. Rose Quartz should be kept near your bedside and in your pocket, purse, bra, or pocket. Rose Quartz should be placed over your heart each night before you go to bed.
  • Rhodonite: Let it go. The Rhodonite meaning is to get rid of any negative energy. This stone helps us to let go of all pain and turmoil so that we can forgive others and move on. This stone can help you release the emotional chains that prevent you from getting the love …. you deserve. This gem’s pink and black markings work together to help us release trauma or negativity and to activate forgiveness and contentment. Love can then fill the void left by the darkness. This stone can activate the solar plexus chakra. It will allow you to feel compassion, empathy, and ensure that all your actions are driven by love.
  • Malachite: Malachite can get to the core of the matter. Malachite, which dates back to 3000 BC by the Egyptians, is the gemstone that transforms. It works to cleanse and clear all chakras. The Malachite meaning is a deep green color that reveals the “heart” behind what might be holding you back. This stone can be used to help you connect with and understand yourself. It will also help you build a positive self image and explore your beliefs, feelings, and relationship with love. Ironically, it is important to put yourself first in order to make room for others. You will radiate the love you have for yourself so that you can be at peace with yourself and share the best parts of yourself in all relationships.
  • Lucky charm: Aventurine is a good choice for you. Aventurine is a stone of luck, success, and a powerful heart chakra crystal. This crystal can be kept close to your heart throughout the day, as a “lucky charm” to help you find love.

Use affirmations to attract love, such as “My life is full” or “I am in love.” I attract love into my life. I attract love. Six times you repeat your affirmation, six being the number of love. This simple practice, while you hold your crystals for Love each day, will help attract a new partner into your life and make you a magnet.

For self-love, crystals

Crystals that promote self-love can help us to see and feel our best selves.

  • Ocean Jasper: Make yourself a priority. The soothing and calming energy of Ocean Jasper reminds you that your needs are important.
  • Rhodochrosite, because you are worth it. Rhodochrosite means “the stone of self-worth”. It allows us to be honest about our self-worth and tap into the most intimate parts of our self-image. How do we feel about love? What have our past experiences taught us about love? What do you think about yourself? Are we able to love and worthy? The Rhodochrosite is one of the most powerful gemstones to heal emotional wounds. Its love-directing properties help you find your inner self. Its soft pink hues allow us to heal and recover from any energy blockages or old wounds. Rhodochrosite empowers us to follow our hearts and reach our goals.
  • Rose Quartz to show your love: Rose quartz is the crystal that unconditional self-love. Its gorgeous pink color is reminiscent of love. The crystal emits a gentle, loving energy that is just as nurturing and loving as a hug. It helps us connect to our deepest self and our most pure essence. Its softness is powerful and helps us to align with love’s strength. Rose quartz’s meaning is self acceptance and the comfort of knowing that you are perfect as you are.
  • Moonstone: Moonstone can help you embrace your destiny. It is aligned to the energy of the moon, and the divine feminine energy that resides within all of us, both male and female. It is pure magic with properties that enable us to connect with our highest self. The beautiful combination of blues and whites gives it a celestial quality that encourages us to find our inner beauty. It allows us to reach the core of our hearts and explore how we grow, evolve and love.

This dynamic duo of Rose Quartz and Moonstone can be used together to help us reach the highest levels of unconditional self-love without judgement or reservation. They are renowned for their soft energy and magical properties, which can help us reach our highest potential.

During self-love, place your self-love stone over your heart.

The Best Crystals to Love

Crystals for Passion

These crystals for romance and love allow us to tap into the passions within and possess our sensuality.

  • Garnet to lighten the flame within: Garnet, the stone of passion. It has a deep, rich wine color that releases an energetic vibration that ignites the fire and gets blood flowing. Its origins date back to the ancient Roman and Greek civilisations when it was used to signify power, truth and love. The garnet’s meaning is still empowering and secure. It enhances communication and allows for free expression between partners, creating deeper and more meaningful connections.
  • Sunstone for your sensuality: Sunstone’s healing properties encourage sensuality. You can love yourself enough to discover what gives you joy. Find what makes you feel happy, alive, and passionate. Then, take control of it! Be yourself! Be proud of who and what you are. This will create intimacy on both a physical and emotional level.

These crystals can be worn in your bedroom, or carried around throughout the day to increase your passion and sensuality.

Crystals for Relationships

The best crystal for love, relationships and communication enhances communication and empowers you to build deep and meaningful relationships with your partner.

  • Rutilated Quartz helps to build a strong connection: This is a very special stone. It channels the power of Venus and helps to connect two people to create the strongest possible type of relationship. It improves communication, encourages openness, and allows for greater vulnerability. Rutilated golden streaks, also known as Venus Hairs, unite beauty and love. They empower us to be fully ourselves and to be accepted for who we really are. This stone is a communication device that works at a higher frequency. It allows two people to be completely open and present to each other to create the most loving, pure type of connection.

These gemstones can be used to love your partner in a relationship. You can use them individually or as a couple depending on your intentions.

crystals for relationship

Healing Broken Hearts with Crystals

Crystals are a powerful tool for healing broken hearts. They can help you let go of any sadness, pain or heaviness that you feel so you can heal and mend your heart.

  • Chrysocolla is for smooth transition. The chrysocolla symbol can be especially helpful in times of transition and change, such as when you are going through a breakup. It helps to calm your emotions so you can heal. Your love capacity can also be increased by Chrysocolla.
  • Rainbow Obsidian can help you heal a broken heart. The stone’s darker color, combined with its rainbow hues, symbolizes the darkness that can fill your heart after a breakup. This stone can be used to remind you to tap into the brighter and more joyful energies in you, so that you can learn to surrender any sadness to the crystal.

Place the crystal of your choosing over your heart for seven seconds to heal it. Seven is the number that symbolizes healing.

Make a Crystal Grid to Love

Once you have discovered the love crystals that will help your intention, it is possible to create a grid. A crystal grid is a combination of energies from healing stones, sacred geometry, and your intention. Combining the power of crystals within a pattern can greatly increase your ability to manifest results faster.

  1. Start by setting your intentions.
  2. Next, choose the crystals that are most in tune with your intentions. You can mix and match these gemstones to find love, depending on your needs. There may be more than one type of stone that suits your needs.
  3. Place each crystal in a grid. Use your intuition and intention. A grid cloth can be used, or an image that you feel represents your love.
  4. To elevate your intentions, place a quartz crystal point (preferably) in the middle of your grid.
  5. The grid should be kept up for one lunar cycle or 40 days.
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