The Basics of Prescription Eyeglasses

Prescription eyeglasses are the name given to the ones that a doctor or optician will write for. They are different from discount glasses, which are those that are sold at a discount in an auction or via an online selling site. The prescription eyeglasses are more expensive than regular glasses in many ways. If you intend to buy prescription eyeglasses, make sure you know all the details before purchasing one.

Description Prescription Eyeglasses:

A prescription eyeglasses is basically an order written by a medical prescriber, like an optometrist, who defines the values of various factors that the prescriber has determined necessary in order to construct and dispense corrective lenses proper for a particular patient. In some countries, doctors are allowed to write their own prescriptions, especially if they have enough experience and knowledge about vision care. It is important to note that prescription eyeglasses cannot be purchased over the counter. A prescription from an optician is needed in order to buy prescription eyeglasses.

Guidelines for prescription eyeglasses :

The guideline for prescription eyeglasses is based on the shape, size and function of your eyes. This means that they cannot be purchased based on your current eye color. Therefore, it is important to see your eye doctor before buying prescription eyeglasses. He can tell you what kind of prescription eyeglasses are right for you based on your eye shape and size. The eye doctor may also prescribe corrective lenses and/or contacts if needed.

Types prescription eyeglasses

Types prescription eyeglasses include bifocals, trifocals and reading glasses. Trifocals are those that have two separate powers; left and right. Bifocals consist of a single power with two separate lenses. These prescription eyeglasses are used by people who need just one lens to see clearly. The three types of prescription eyeglasses include progressive, bifocal and bifocal.

Progressive prescription eyeglasses

are easy to read because of its raised lens level. They are great for short tasks, such as studying or working. When you look straight ahead with these prescription eyeglasses, you will not strain your eyes. They are also called short vision eyeglasses.

Short-sighted or reading eyeglasses

on the other hand, are ideal for those whose eyes are not perfectly aligned. This is to help them see details that are near or far away. If you wear prescription eyeglasses that are too short, the details will not be clearly seen. On the other hand, if you wear prescription eyeglasses that are too long, you will strain your eyes because of the heavy weight.

Bifocal prescription eyeglasses

are used when you need two different powers. For example, military soldiers often wear both military and civilian glasses so they can see both visually. When buying prescription eyeglasses, it is best to ask the eye doctor which type of glasses will be most appropriate for you. You can find bifocals in different shapes and sizes. If you are a sports fan, you can have the freedom to choose your favorite frames such as rimless, halfrimmed, decorative and plain. Your eyewears should complement your personality.

In choosing prescription eyeglasses

it is important to consider your lifestyle and the needs that your eyewear can help you meet. If you are into activities that require extreme concentration and endurance, you can choose hard-soled prescription eyeglasses. Meanwhile, those who enjoy playing games can opt for soft lenses. And those who need reading glasses can try for plastic lenses.

For those who want to look cool, casual and playful prescription eyeglasses are available. You can choose funky designs, colors, shapes and sizes. For a kid-friendly pair of prescription eyeglasses, you can opt for canvas and novelty designs.

If you have a strong prescription, you may also consider getting matching vision correction contact lenses. Just make sure you get your lenses from the same optometrist to ensure you get a correct fitting. Vision correction contact lenses are made to complement your prescription eyeglasses.

Buying prescription eyeglasses

is now easier than ever. Thanks to the Internet. It offers a wider array of retailers offering a wide variety of products at very reasonable prices. Find out the Best Place to Buy Prescription Eyeglasses Online.

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