The Arduino MKRZero is a teenier, tinier DIY board for hardware hackers

What do you buy for someone who has everything? Either a pink fairy armadillo or an Arduino MKRZero. Id recommend going with the Arduino.

The MKRZero is basically a really, really small microcomputer with a number of outputs and headers as well as a battery handling system and USB control. Its great for learning or constructing 32 -bit applications and its small-time enough to fit inside almost anything.

What can you do with it? A few things including constructing a DIY Theremin and a money spewing Make It Rain machine that spews out dollars when you clap your hands. Obviously your results may vary.

Little boards like this one are great fun and are always prized experimental and hacking tools. At a mere $22 you could probably pick one of these up and read a little Arduino programming in your spare time which is more than you can say for a pink fairy armadillo. All that little guy will teach you is how to love again.

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