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The 6 Drugstore Foundations You Need To Add To Your Makeup Bag

If theres anything Im v squeamish about, its my foundation. While Id like to usurp the majority of members of you will say no shit, it sure as hell seems like no one knows how to buy a flattering shadow, let alone utilize it anymore. Like, I anticipate wives take the whole Too Faced thing too literally. How the fucking do you not notice that you hop-skip your neck during blending? Even though we dont act like it 90% of the time, we are adults, madams. Know how to pick and choose your foundation wisely, and then delight learn how to fucking put it on. Maybe your bathroom lighting sucks, or maybe you simply need a new footing altogether. Because we are paid like, the same ludicrous sum I usually end up spending on a barroom tab, doesnt mean it operates better than good than my fab LOral one.

We shouldnt get paid( at all) for makeup that basically provides as a blank canvas on our faces. Since most of us have to spend money on other priorities such as alcohol, lease, and food, here are a few pharmacy footings that are just as good, if not better, than the one you simply bought at Sephora.

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