The 6 Best Crystals For Meditation: How to Use It

Because crystals can supercharge my intentions, I love to add them into my meditations. When I meditate with crystals, I feel lifted up and I can access powerful meditative states.

I will be sharing some of my favorite crystals and their uses with you if you are interested in meditation with them. Once you learn how, it’s easy!


Crystals can boost the power of your meditation intentions, as I mentioned previously. Each crystal is unique in its frequency and metaphysical properties. This allows you to vibrate in harmony with it and reap its many benefits.

You can use crystals to help you reach meditative states or heal specific issues. They don’t cause any additional difficulty in your meditation so it’s an easy decision for me!

The 6 Best Crystals For Meditation: How to Use It


My firm belief is that your intuition should guide you in choosing your crystals. Because your intuition is more accurate than your headspace when it comes to knowing what you need. Trust your gut.

What crystals do you feel the most attracted to? You should meditate with the crystal that calls out to you. Do not question the flow.

It’s fine if you don’t feel like a single crystal is calling to you. Think about what you need right now. Are you looking to improve your self-love, be more in touch with your intuition, or maybe you are looking to boost your confidence?

There’s a crystal to match your needs, no matter what they may be. You can search the internet to find crystals that have the properties you need.


These crystals are great for meditation, and can be used to help you choose the right crystal.

These crystals are great for all kinds of work and can be used as a guide when you’re not sure what you want.


Clear quartz is my favorite meditation stone. Clear quartz is the best meditation stone because it has the ability to awaken your crown chakra. This is your connection with your psychic abilities.

Clear quartz can balance all your chakras, even though it is associated with the crown chakra. Clear quartz is the ultimate balancing crystal and can be used to align your other crystals.

Clear quartz is the best stone to meditate on if you feel out of balance or like you could be benefiting from the healing properties of the master healer.


Another powerful crystal that is associated with the crown chakra is selenite. It is especially beneficial in developing peace, serenity, and universal consciousness.

If you are looking to gain clarity and clearness of thought, Selenite is the stone for you. Selenite can improve self awareness and help you to be more in touch with your surroundings.

Its calming properties make it a great tool to access meditative states.


Amethyst, a type of quartz with a purple color, is a kind of quartz. This stone is linked to the third eye chakra. It is also associated with intuition. Amethyst is a great crystal to help you meditate.

Meditation with amethyst can help you find inner peace, heal from stress, and increase spiritual awareness.

Amethyst is a great stone to use before you go to bed if you are looking to increase your intuition. It helps us to connect with our subconscious mind while we sleep.


Rose Quartz is the stone that represents universal love. It is closely associated with the heart chakra. It has powerful properties that allow us to feel unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness.

Rose quartz is a great stone to meditate on if you need help with self-love or opening up to the universe.

It is a calming stone that can help you feel centered and peaceful during meditation.


Smokey Quartz can be used to meditate if you feel particularly vulnerable to negative emotions. If you are feeling low mood, anxious or afraid, it can help you dispel negativity, eliminate fear, and lift you up.

The root chakra is associated with smokey quartz, which is a grounding and grounding stone. This crystal is a grounding stone that can help you feel calmer and more in control, helping you to balance out when you feel overwhelmed.


Black Tourmaline, another crystal, is helpful in repelling negative vibes. If you feel like you need a helping hand with healing, this stone is a great choice. This stone is great for meditation and helping you shift your negative thinking.


It doesn’t take much to meditate with crystals. These are the steps to meditation with crystals. You’ll feel your healing powers in no time.


Setting an intention is a great way to start meditations, especially if you are using crystals. Knowing your intention will allow you to select crystals that align with it.

Why are you meditating today? What are you aiming for today? These questions will help you to understand why this practice is important.

You might decide, for example, that today you want to be more self-loving. This will allow you to choose your crystal and other tools that will help you reach this goal, such as self-love affirmations.


Once you have established your intention, you can now choose a crystal to help you align with it.

You can choose a crystal from this list, choose crystals that correspond to a particular chakra, or search for crystals that are most helpful for your intention.

This will help you tune in to your intuition.


If you have just bought a crystal, it is important to clean it. It may have taken on a lot of energies you don’t want.

I love to clean crystals under the sun or moonlight. Place your crystals outside, under the morning sun or full moon.

You can also cleanse crystals with room temperature salt water. However, this should not be done for soft crystals or crystal clusters.

Clear quartz and selenite can be used to cleanse crystals. These powerful crystals are known for clearing negative energies.


For meditation, you can sit in the same position as you would normally. You can place your crystal anywhere you like.

The most common way to hold the crystal is in your left hand. This is because this is the receiving side. This hand can be used to receive the energy of the crystal during meditation.

You can also lay your crystal down on the resonating chakra point. This post explains how to do it.


Start your meditation practice the same way you would normally. But, focus your attention on the energies of crystal and visualize yourself receiving them.

You may feel the crystal as you meditate.

Keep your eyes on the crystal and pay attention to it throughout your practice. If your mind wanders, you can return to it. Keep your intention in sight and remind yourself to refresh yourself whenever you lose it.

This is not a right or wrong way to do it. You’ll find what works for you.


These are not mandatory, but they can be helpful.

Sage or Palo Santo: Sage and Palo Santo have cleansing properties which are great for purifying crystals and your meditation space. This is called smudging.

Incense – Incense can be used to meditate because of its calming smell.

Candles – Meditation is made easier by dimming the room. If you’re looking for something simple, a tealight or even a battery-powered candle is an option.

Himalayan Salt Lamp: I love to meditate with my Himalayan Salt Lamp because it blends the atmosphere of a darkened room with the purifying properties of the salt.

Thumb Stones, also known as Palm Stones, are polished stones that fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Thumb stones have a thumb-shaped indent that allows you to rest your thumb comfortably. These are a wonderful form of crystal for meditation!

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