Teach your crawling baby the value of responsibility with a onesie that doubles as a mop

Yes, this is a real product.
Image: babymop

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Robot vacuums and mops are all the rage right now. Everyone wants clean floors without lifting a finger, but not everyone wants to pay for it.

Well, there is one autonomous vacuum/mop that we left out of our robotic vacuum roundup — so if you’re not trying to fork over the hundreds of dollars for a real machine, you can just use a baby instead.

Meet the Baby Mop. (Baby not included.)

Teach your baby the virtues of hard work and responsibility at a young age with this onesie that doubles as a mop. The whole getup is actually super adorable, complete with a lion patch and, of course, matching yellow mop microfibers. 

Image: babymop

Image: babymop

I mean, your baby is already going to be crawling around the kitchen floor, so why not have them sweep up some dirt and dust while they’re at it? Plus, can you imagine looking back at old baby pictures? It’s also the perfect gift for a friend or relative with a toddler (and a good sense of humor).

Baby Mop comes in three sizes from 3-12 months, so even if they grow out of the first one, you won’t be out of luck. Still having a hard time believing this is a real thing that you can buy? See for yourself and pick one up as a last minute gift here for $29.99.

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