TalkIQ raises $14 million Series A to give enterprises AI insights into voice communication

There’s no lack of startups building their brands. And inside the venture distances are as competitive as voice analytics. TalkIQ is the most recent company in the room to carry home a massive round of financing with promise. With $14 million in Series A funding, the TalkIQ staff is expecting its proprietary technology pile and engineering-heavy team provides it a advantage.

TalkIQ is attracting natural language processing and speech recognition to unsearchable sales requirements. As they occur having a focus on voice communication, the company provides near real-time insights into discussions. The platform flag and can transcribe crucial events whilst regaining conflict cards said. TalkIQ also captures higher-level analytics that supervisors can use to get a view of what’s working (or not) for revenue teams.

Today’therefore around has been led by Scale Venture Partners with involvement from Aspect
Ventures, Danhua Capital, Felicis Ventures, LINE Corp and Salesforce Ventures. That last one, Salesforce Ventures, is perhaps the most fascinating because the investment is coming from Salesforce’s new $50 million AI finance.

Although TalkIQ wouldn & rsquo; t get into a lot of detail regarding the role Salesforce will play in its go to market, it did admit that the company is. Gven the shared client profile between TalkIQ and Salesforce, the friendship makes a lot of sense.

And so much as I’m concerned it’s going to issue…or at least it’s likely to need to matter. VoiceOps, Choras.ai, Deepgram, Gong and many others have had products in this space for some time now. But for TalkIQ, all boils down sales relationships winning the affection of Salesforce may prove meaningful at the enterprise space.

Dan O’Connell, CEO of TalkIQ, remains confident that the accuracy and capabilities of his platform will set it from the long term. He says that performance starts with rejecting off the shelf solutions to machine and taking things in-house to get more management. With three and a half a year of runway and a $ 7 million seed round, TalkIQ has certainly had luxuries.

TalkIQ was previously backed by AtomicFelicis Ventures, SV Angel, Polaris Partners and Cherubic Ventures.

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