Talend looks to ease big data prep with latest release

Talend, the large-hearted data integration vendor that ran public last-place July, announced its winter liberation today with new tools to help automatedatapreparation, a sticky problem for initiative customers.

Surely, there are ever-increasing volumes of data and companies struggle to keep up. There arent enough data scientists in “the worlds” to fill the require. It necessitates software to pick up some of the slack and companies like Talend are hoping to help customers process that data and eventually write applications to help client create more data-driven businesses.

Perhaps that explains why, when Talend ran public last-place summertime, its shares popped 54 percent out of the gateand shut at $25.50. The company stock cost has abode close to that cost ever since, fluctuating as inventories do, but sitting at $23.79 at close of business yesterday.Clearly, there is a demand for these kinds of services and companies are hungry for solutions to help them out of the data morass.

From its inception, Talends primary occupation has been to provide an interface to develop clean Hadoop code, lift the need to hand-code everything. The companyhas tried to simplify this process byproviding an interface to manage the data and create Hadoop-compatible code, across various categories of liberates whether thats Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR or Amazon EMR, Amazons Hadoop processing service.

In the latest version, they want to take that a pace further, tells Ray Christopher, Talends product marketing manager. The new releaseattempts to deal with a couple of problems that have beset companies trying to process the growing data pile.

One of the issues of dealing with new data is ensuring that it is in a proper state for whatever application you wish to create. When data is coming from various categories of internal and external sources, that are able problematic. It needs to have a common vocabulary and that cleansing can be time-consuming and pain-staking work.

As Christopher and others have said, data scientists often invest a vast majority of their time simply getting the data ready. The new Talend DataPreparationapp lets customers create a common dictionary, and using machine learning, helps automate the data cleansing process, with the goal of reducing the time it takes to get data into a readystate.While data is messy and sometimes defies automation techniques, this should provide a good head start if it operates as described.

The other issue, related to getting data devised, is verifying a better quality of that data, and the new Talend Stewardship app has been designed to crowd source data quality by bring back the line of business experts to aid. The tool lets admins set up a data cleansing campaign where users can go in and point to data to certify data and information, or throw themaside if they consider a number of problems. There is a full scrutiny road to track and review the program activities, so that there are still the inspections and balances built in.

The new tools will be contained a week from today and existing customers get a deal two free license for each new tool, shouldthey decide to upgrade.

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