Survival Guide On How To Make Stockpile Food?

Stockpiling food that has long shelf life is the key to survival. No, its not about storing can foods. We are talking about Pemmican and how to make this and store it for your survival needs. Pemmican is a kind of a high-energy nutritious food made up of dried meat mixed with fat and dried fruits. It was first invented by the Natives of North America somewhere in the 18th century.

Because of the way it was prepared where the moisture
of the food is taken out, Pemmican can be kept for many years, even a decade, and therefore, it is an ideal food to carry along during long journeys or expedition trips. In the olden days, it was used in long trade journeys, polar expeditions and even during wars.meat-curry

The key to making Pemmican last longer is in the way you render (melt down) the fat. If the whole process is done properly, and with proper storage condition without any refrigeration, it can easily last for a decade. There were reports that it can even last 5 decades! So it’s not surprising why Pemmican is labelled THE Ultimate Survival Food

Over the years, with technology and changing taste buds, Pemmican has developed into many great tasting recipe. Here is a great article on how to make Pemmican for your own survival needs.

Step 1:tallow

Your first step is to trim all the fat in excess from your meat. Then slice the meat in fine stripes (about 1/8 inch thick) in order to dehydrate them.

Step 2:

Make tallow: Cut the beef or other animal fat into small pieces. Add the fat into a pot and let it boil on
low heat until.











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