Survival from Base Jump Accident

Mathew Gough’s  survived a parachute malfunction and free fall from 1,000 feet.

Mathew gave up his full time job and took up his passion on base jumping, travelling the world.

He loves the thrills and danger of the sports but as all base jumpers always do, they checked and re-checked their parachutes and practiced their drills seriously. Never leave any chance to error.

However, there is always a freak chance that something just did not go according to plan, and made base jumpers’s worst nightmare.

His parachute opens wrongly and was thrown against the rocks several time and falls towards the ground. He was falling towards a railing that had sharp steel rods and that did not help Gough either.

How did it ended ?

base jump accident

excruciating fall

Checked out from this video how he survived from this base jump accident.

He really took a serious bashing from the fall.

Will he be able to continue his passion again or to be bed ridden for the rest of his life ? 

Check it out here….

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