‘Stranger Things’ wants you to turn your Eggo box into creepy DIY costumes

Trump invites the media's children into the Oval office, also can't do anything directly.
Picture: DREW ANGERER/Getty Images

Donald Trump sure knows how to throw a fun celebration — candy, costumes and insults included.  

On Friday, celebrate Halloween at the White House and this White House Press Corps’ kids were encouraged to join their parents at work.

And, as expected, things got embarrassing quickly.  

After the usual briefing with White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the children were encouraged to meet with the President in the Oval Office or treating in the Executive Office Building.  

“I can’t believe the media produced such beautiful kids,” Trump said upon seeing that the very small people heap into his office, parents (and cameras) in tow.  

After that back-handed compliment, things got even.

As the children squeezed across the desk for a festive picture, Trump asked them “are you going to grow up to be like your parents?” He said he did not need to have an answer because it could “only get [him] in issue.”  

Just when it seemed like he was planning to control himself, take a fun photo, wish the children a “Happy Halloween,” and go back to his presidential duties, Trump did what he does best — he dug himself further into a pit of awkwardness.

Since he gave the children boxes of Hershey Kisses, ” he told you young person, “that you have no weight problems. That is the fantastic news. Right?”

“So how can the press deal with you? I bet you get treated better by the media than anybody in the world,” Trump subsequently requested a set of witches.

Trump sure nailed the creepy part of this Halloween celebration, although he did not get much right.

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