Staying Alive in the Wilderness for a week

staying alive in the woods

Being an outdoors man and a big supporter of hunting and fishing, it’s important to be sure you have the right knife for your outdoor experiences and in extreme situation, to stay alive when you are lost in the wilderness. Picking the right knife can save you a lot of difficulties, and help make sure you have the right knife for what you require. One of the most common knives you are going to hear about is the tactical knife.

A tactical knife if most frequently known as a fight knife. Tactical knives have existed for a number of years and were giving out as a weapon to be used during close fight. While tactical knives can be used for fighting today, they have accommodated their usage to fulfill what the soldier, or outdoors man, usually have to use the knife for.

The chief reasons people are going to pick tactical knives are for doing the outdoors things soldiers might need to do now. That means that the tactical blade needs in order to be used in numerous scenarios.

Maybe you aren’t an outdoors man, so you are not worried about being lost in the forest. A tactical knife remains a popular pick on farms and with individuals who work outside. Tactical knives are perfect for doing chores, cutting rope, and for use in a variety of kinds of emergency situations where something will need to be cut.

But if you do get lost in the woods alone, and if there is only one thing you wish you had with you, that would be the tactical knife.

Here is a video on surviving in the woods alone for a week with just a knife. You will learn primitive skills, tracking and nature awareness, living off the land, indigenous skills, shelter building, primitive fire, water purification, trapping, hunting, bow making and numerous indigenous skills.

This video is from Tom Mcelroy.


And this is Part 2 of the video by Tom Mcelroy from Wild Survival.


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