Specially-Abled person set an example we should ponder


A courageous 50 year old specially-abled person who has difficulty walking and cannot talk, fights for his daily living to support himself and his sister.  He is always with his smile selling stuffs at the Goregaon railway station (Mumbai, India)

If you buy something from him, he is adamant to return your loose change and never accepts tips.

Makes us wonder why are we complaining so much about petty things. If you think you had a tough day, think about how Dilip had to fight for his living every single day. Think about the thousands and even more, struggling on a daily basis.

Spare a short time to ponder on ourselves, how we can make a huge difference in other people’s life, by doing something simple.

If you happen to pass by a hardworking person trying to earn a honest living, a small little support will mean so very much to them. Have a heart !

In a country where the specially-abled are still not considered fit to be a part of the society and are left at the mercy of God and begging for survival, Dilip Jain’s courage is setting an example for others like him to follow.

Unlike other specially-abled people, who often resort to begging to make ends meet, Dilip, sells products that he carries in his briefcase, to commuters at Goregaon railway station for survival. Dilip can hardly walk and talk, but his courage and the vibrant smile on his face is something that makes you forget all your troubles.


Dilip Jain2

There are millions of Dilip Jains out there who have chosen to fight rather than resort to begging. Our small contribution towards helping them fight might change a life and make us a better person. I sincerely urge you all to spend a minute or two of your lives to make somebody else’s life better especially when they’re doing everything they can to make it better for themselves.

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